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      We are a leading mobile game studio and publisher based in central Paris. We specialize in game design, monetization and user acquisition to publish hit hyper-casual games, a thriving segment driving 80% of total mobile games market growth since 2017. Our ambition is to grow >4x this year.

      Our culture & strategy rely on powerful Tech that we built in-house to give our games a step ahead of competition, tailor-made support to our studio partners and fair & transparent cooperation.

      We are a diverse team of 90 people from various backgrounds (artists, business, engineers,
      entrepreneurs, ex strategy consultant) and international (>15 nationalities).

      We are passionate about games and working with studios & platform partners all around the world (US, Europe and Asia mostly).

      In February 2021, we raised 15m$ funds with Eurazeo and Headline in the largest European seed VC

      Meet the team

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