Resident Web Software Engineer - Holberton Thonon-les-bains
Holberton School
Holberton School

Resident Web Software Engineer - Holberton Thonon-les-bains

  • 5, Avenue des Allobroges, Thonon-les-Bains, Thonon-Les-Bains, 74200
  • CDI 
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    Télétravail ponctuel autorisé
    Éducation : Non spécifié
    Expérience : > 6 mois

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    Qui sont-ils ?

    Holberton est une école de code informatique, professionnalisante, accessible à tous, sans prérequis ! C’est une école nouvelle génération basée sur l’entraide et sur l’apprentissage par la pratique, où il n’y a pas de prof, pas de cours et pas de salle de classe. Créée dans la Silicon Valley par deux français, Holberton est aujourd’hui présente dans 15 pays.

    Descriptif du poste

    This position is double-headed. You will have to be both a technical mentor and a trend seeker. This is a great opportunity for someone who is an Engineering Manager or wants to become one, it involves providing technical support while ensuring that the organization is teaching the latest tech trends.

    As a technical mentor, you will answer students’ questions about the web stack part of our curriculum. As in the corporate world, your role will not be to give the answer but to provide guidance so that the students can find the answer and do the work by themselves. The communication will happen over chat, audio, and video, one-to-one or one to many including live-streamed coding sessions. You will also be in charge of reviewing some of the students’ projects. As a trend seeker, you must understand the tech industry trends and drive our curriculum innovation. The position requires you to discover and understand new web technologies. In parallel, you will design and create technical projects to teach students the latest, in-demand web skills.

    You must be fluent in English.


    - Provide technical mentorship about web technologies to students - Communicate over different mediums and formats: chat, audio, video, one-to-one and one to many

    - Research and understand web trends

    - Design and update the curriculum projects to get students to learn in-demand web skills

    Profil recherché

    - First successful professional experience in web development 

    - Mastery of HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, and databases 

    - Knowledge in C appreciated 

    - Great oral and written communication skills in English

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    Holberton School
    Holberton School

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