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Highspot is changing how millions of people work. It is built by people who bring their true and unique selves to work each day. They are growing fast, which means you’ll get to grow fast with them—and create a career you can be proud of.

At its core, the Highspot platform helps businesses make every customer and prospect conversation count. Highspot is a strategic partner to hundreds of customers worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies to emerging brands. And the journey is just beginning. The enablement community is standing on the edge of incredible opportunity, as companies everywhere turn to enablement technology and practices to drive their businesses forward. They hope you'll join them as they change the world of software.

What they are looking for

You are a motivated self-starter: You love bringing new ideas to the table and understand what it takes to build trust and follow up in a credible and timely manner.

You are a team player: You lead by example and go above and beyond for your team and the company.

You are agile and embrace change: You are not flustered easily and strive when you have to think on your feet.

You are curious to understand your surroundings: You are constantly asking questions and have a strong desire to understand the “how’s” and “why’s” of your environment.

You are looking for a team that fosters belonging: You want to make an impact and become part of a team where you can grow within the company by being rewarded and recognized based on your performance!

Good to know

Highspot is at a key inflection point in their growth— they're expanding internationally and deepening expertise in every function. They're looking for amazingly smart and talented people to join them. You’ll never stay stagnant in a role and you have control over your career destination, with new roles opening daily!

THE SALES ENABLEMENT CATEGORY IS BOOMING! What if you could join Apple before the iPhone? Gartner calls sales enablement technology “a core tech stack purchase for organizations with both direct and partner selling channels.” Given its powerful impact on the bottom line, sales enablement is no longer optional. It’s a crucial element for survival and growth in a post-pandemic recovery.

Valued at 3.5 billion, Highspot is the #1 Sales Enablement platform and our investors believe in us to sustain our leadership position as we continue pushing the envelope and delighting our customers.

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