Hexa (eFounders)

Hexa (eFounders)

  • Accompagnement d'entreprises, Incubateur / Accélérateur
  • Paris, Bruxelles
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What makes our difference is team entrepreneurship. We build companies as a team. The members of the core team are experts in their fields, fully hands-on alongside our founders, working on product, marketing, design, recruitment... Altogether, we build better companies.

With eFounders, we’ve proven that the startup studio model works. We have created a new way of entrepreneurship: “team entrepreneurship”. We have managed to achieve this amongst several startup studios, specialized in different verticals.

Thibaud, Co-founder Hexa

2023 will mark a milestone for Hexa, which we are launching to take our model to the next step. The impact on recruitment is huge : we will create even more startups, attract more founders. We are about to recruit like never before!

Alix, Talent Acquisition Manager Hexa