[VIE] RAMS Engineer - Sweden
Groupe LGM

Groupe LGM

[VIE] RAMS Engineer - Sweden


Groupe LGM

Groupe LGM

  • Ingénieries Spécialisées, IT / Digital, Organisation / Management
  • Entre 250 et 2000 salariés

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[VIE] RAMS Engineer - Sweden

Who are they?

Le groupe LGM, c’est l’histoire de 3 ingénieurs qui, après avoir fait leurs premiers pas dans le monde du travail, ont décidé de faire les choses à leur manière. 30 ans plus tard, c’est à 1500 qu’ils conçoivent des solutions innovantes pour que les industriels construisent des systèmes fiables, durables et sûrs, dont l’impact sur l’environnement sera maitrisé. Le moteur, c’est le même depuis le début : donner la liberté à chaque collaborateur de créer sa propre aventure dans le Groupe.

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Job description


You participate to the development of our transnational Safety platform (France / Sweden) and work on the maintenance of already certified systems as well as on new developments being defined by the Study Office .WHAT ?

To control the risks associated to the complex system operation and to preserve the safety of those who design, use or maintain them.


  • By ensuring the RAMS requirements integration into the overall design, development and qualification process;
  • By carrying out or updating Preliminary Risk Analyzes;
  • By consolidating Analyzes of failures;
  • By providing availability, reliability, maintainability and security studies proofreading and justification;
  • By developing RAMS and implementing RAMS quantification tools;
  • By carrying out predictive reliability studies;
  • By performing dysfunctional analyzes (FMEA, FTA…);
  • By writing reliability and safety reports;
  • Based on the analyzes, make recommendations for actions to improve the product, by participating to the design reviews and to the Operational Safety process;
  • Based on the results of reliability analyzes and FMEA, by helping to determine maintenance tasks (corrective or preventive, periodicity) and contributing to the definition of the Maintenance Plan.


The Operational Safety Business Line, a real business community that brings together our engineers, project managers and LGM experts who work to build their future.

  • Very good interpersonal skills to participate and lead meetings in order to understand our customers’ expectations.
  • The desire to get involved in the operational safety team dynamics at LGM to meet the profession challenges.
  • Mastery of English is indispensable. 


Groupe LGM
Groupe LGM

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