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Foxintelligence's guidance is coming from our values. They drive our objectives to reach our goals. They are rooted in who we want to be and where we want to go, what is necessary to excel. 

  • We are a complete team (Data, Business, Marketing, and Corporate) with the goal to lead our projects as efficient as possible
  • We are trying to be masters in the art of problem-solving on a daily basis
  • We are continuously looking for a better understanding
  • We iterate, together, step by step
  • We progress as a team, and we simultaneously grow 

Employee breakdown

  • Analytics


  • Corporate


  • Data Management


  • Engineering


  • Marketing & Growth B2C


  • Sales & Marketing


  • Strategy & Operations


Team Data Management 

The mission of Data Management is to ensure data accessibility and quality to be sure that it will be available at every moment to our clients. We are in charge of extracting raw data, cleaning it up, processing it, and enriching it.  After this process, we are going to structure it in our databases et our ready-to-use tables. The aim goal is to propose the most up-to-date and qualitative data in FoxApp.

The team is constituted of approximately 30 Data Analysts and approximately 50 external providers.

Continuously, we are seeking to scale our processes, and identified optimizations to do more and quicker. Which is naturally going through automatization. 

If I am still at Foxintelligence 5 years later, it's above all for the product, with a core business concentrated on the data. It is also thanks to the space let for initiatives and leadership and all the people I work with.

Selin, Head of data management

Team Analytics & CSM

Composed of 15 persons, the Analytics & CSM has very clear objectives :

  • Onboarding new clients, and coaching them on how to use the platform.
  • Propose fresh content to help the sales team close up some new deals.
  • Give additional performance analysis to our clients.
  • Promote new features of the FoxApp platform.
  • Support the team in the roadmap creation of FoxApp.
  • Launch and improve new features
  • Follow the clients and their use of the product. 

From now on, our main challenge is to scale while keeping our velocity. Our mission is very clear, we have to keep developing our technology to better serve our clients.

Guillaume, Chief Customer Officer

Team Cleanfox/B2C Product

The mission : Build and maintain our app CleanFox and other consumer products to boost the inbox of our users with productivity as well as an information service that is following our mission. 

The team is composed of 3 parts:

  • Growth B2C
  • Product, Design and Engineering 
  • Trafic and Users Management

The opened positions in B2C have a commun thread : we are one and only team. Therefore we have to make compromises and choices to put our efforts where the impact will be the strongest.

Marie, Senior Product Manager

Team Engineering

Today, we are creating the biggest consumer panel in Europe. What we are seeking is to support our hyper-growth. We will focus on industry standards, in terms of Could service, BigQuery on JCP, and a lot of AWS. To understand the volumes we deal with today, we're talking about 25 million Lambda calls every day, 20000 containers lit per day of databases that are sharded and weigh plenty of terabytes. We are becoming one with AI which is the key to deliver all our clients on a weekly basis. We are capable of classifying and categorizing products coming from transactional emails.

Today, we are looking for qualified people who are willing to put their hand in the mud, and want to make the company grow.

Nicolas, Chief Technical Officer

Global vision of Foxintelligence

In its 6 years of existence, Fox has become the biggest consumer panel about e-commerce in Europe and the US. The vocation is to continue to grow in the coming years. We are currently active in 5 European countries and aim to be in 13 countries, worldwide, starting in 2023. Therefore, we have marketing challenges, but also data and technical challenges to building an infrastructure that will support our growth. We also have big sales stakes to enroll new clients and help them on a daily basis. 

At Fox, we are playing with the potential of each person. If you feel like joining our ambitious project in BigData and e-commerce, and you believe that your best self could bring something to the company, then join us! For the rest, we will support you, train you, and make you grow.

Edouard, CEO