Cybersécurité, Logiciels, SaaS / Cloud Services



Filigran provides cyber threat intelligence, knowledge subsystems and crisis response solutions to thousands of cybersecurity and crisis management teams across the world. Our company has set itself the sole objective of providing cybersecurity and crisis management teams with the best possible open source software.

Founded in 2022 in Paris, France, our main goal is to contribute significantly to this fundamental ecosystem for the security and protection of organizations. To achieve it, we professionalize and industrialize the ecosystems around the open source pieces of software OpenCTI and OpenBAS. Also, we offer entreprise technical support, cloud hosting as well as ad-hoc development services.

What they are looking for

We are looking for people that share our open source vision and passionate about developing product. People that are not afraid to operate outside traditional roles definitions, take ownership on topics, and build the future in complete collaboration with everybody in the team.

Good to know

  • Early stage but with already a strong business
  • Remote first culture
  • Strong collaborative mindset
  • Attend top-notch Tech conferences in France or abroad,

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