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Lead Marketing & Growth @eFounders

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • Bac +5 / Master

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  • Accompagnement d'entreprises, Incubateur / Accélérateur
  • De 15 à 50 salariés

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Lead Marketing & Growth @eFounders

  • CDI 
  • Paris

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About eFounders
eFounders is a Startup Studio.

Together with entrepreneurs, we turn unique ideas into successful companies. We build businesses that create the tools of tomorrow and inspire news ways of working, in short, we build the future of work! We were the first to pioneer the startup studio model in 2011 and have since launched 23 companies with $254 million in funding and now reaching a valuation of over $1 billion.

Today, more than 1,000 employees across the world work in a startup which started out as a simple mockup right here at eFounders.

We pride ourselves on our ability to give founders an edge. We give entrepreneurs access to unparalleled resources, so that they can kickstart their startup. We bring to them unfair advantages with our brilliant core team and vast network. And we equip our founders with freedom so that they can dream bigger to always go further and faster.

Our companies: Mailjet • Textmaster • Mention • Foxintelligence • Front • Aircall • Hivy • Spendesk • Illustrio • Forest • Slite • Station • Upflow • Equify • Briq • Multis • Swan • Yousign

Our projects in the making: Zenvest • Bonjour • Cycle • Folk • Once and many more to come 🚀 Canyon is the new LegalTech startup from eFounders

At Canyon, we believe that technology and humans are stronger when together

This is why we are helping tech companies get legal done better through technology

How do we do this?

Our Canyon app makes it super fast and easy for teams to deliver great legal work 🚀
Our experienced General Counsels work hand-in-hand with tech founders to help them scale their legal operations 🧑‍🚀

Descriptif du poste

About the role

You’ll be starting from scratch, working with each of our projects to generate traction and boost adoption. You’ll get to co-lead the growth hacking efforts of our projects at the very early stages of their journeys. This is a opportunity to join the team behind some of the biggest names in SaaS and learn our unique approach to generating bottom-up growth by blending product, marketing and design. Working closely with our Head of Marketing and the founders of each project, you will:

  • Design, implement and track growth initiatives with an initial focus on customer acquisition, then expanding along the entire funnel (AARRR)
  • Define and iterate uses cases and user personas
  • Generate leads for each of our projects
  • Build processes criteria and processes for lead qualification, scoring and nurturing
  • Define the key metrics, build and track the full acquisition and retention funnel
  • Assemble and maintain a potential pilot list for future projects

Profil recherché

The ideal candidate is:
The ideal candidate is:

  • a good communicator and leader: your position will be central in each of the ventures, you need to be able to quickly build trust, engage and convince the founding teams you’re going to work with
  • a doer: you’re willing to get your hands dirty and own your output from conception to tracking
  • creative: you’ll be starting with a blank canvas with no limits other than your imagination to bring innovative, low-cost tactics to help our startups grow
  • energetic: your main task is to help projects get in motion, you’ll need to push hard
  • experienced in B2B SaaS: you’ve already worked on growing a SaaS business, whether as an early employee or as a founder
  • data driven: you draw conclusions only when you’ve analyzed all the data
  • versatile: you’ll wear different hats and easily switch between designing growth strategies and effectively implementing them
  • super tech savvy: you have used automation, enrichment and scrapping tools, you have good notions (and more) of code (python, js scripts, …)
  • a life-long learner: you’re an avid reader and looking to build up your background in marketing


  • Free lunch delivered at work every day by Frichti, FoodCheri or Nestor
  • Experience first-hand our process to drive bottom-up growth on all of our companies
  • Contribute to building the marketing MVP for each of our early stage, highly ambitious startups
  • Learning from some of the most brilliant founders and professionals in your field, whether they are in our offices or through our network
  • Building up your growth and marketing background by working on different projects in the very early stages of their journey
  • Monthly talks from the leading minds in the industry
  • Offices located at the heart of the Parisian startup eco-system (métro Grands Boulevards)

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Lead Marketing & Growth @eFounders

  • CDI 
  • Paris
  • Bac +5 / Master
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