FinTech / InsurTech, Finance, SaaS / Cloud Services


Organization and methodologies

The product team is composed of 14 people:

  • 1 CTO
  • 1 VP Engineering
  • 1 Head of Design
  • 2 UX designers
  • 1 Lead developper
  • 6 Full stack developers
  • 1 Front end developer
  • 1 Lead Q.A

In order to reach our goals, we give importance to autonomy and communication, we like to make sure that everyone has a global vision on the projects of each one.

Every other day, there is a (short) meeting with the whole product team to discuss the current projects.

The Design team has a big meeting every two weeks to take the time to talk about the product and the features in progress. They also have stand up meetings (5-10 minutes) every other day.

We maintain a fluid communication without having to resort to many untimely meetings.