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Dreem is a diverse team of experts, united by the goal of bringing real positive change to sleepers around the world. From sleep research, neuroscience, behavioral therapies, mechanical engineering, machine learning, electronic design, embedded systems, testing, ergonomics, marketing, development of property applications software, product design, and much more — we rely on the excellence of each individual, but above all on our complementarities and ability to work together — because it takes a cross-team effort to reshape sleep care. As a fast-paced and dynamic environment, joining the Dreem team is challenging; but hugely rewarding.

Employee breakdown

  • Research & Development


  • Operations


  • Sales & Marketing


  • General Administration


Meet our team

Quentin is Dreem’s co-founder and CEO. As a trained engineer with a major in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique, he joins the Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program at Berkeley with the ambition of merging the words of tech and medicine. Together with Hugo, they discover the field of sleep science and quickly realize the untapped opportunities that could improve the lives of millions — sleep as the entry door to health.

From that moment on, Dreem was born.

Olga is passionate about product management. Over the years, her experiences have fueled her expertise across a variety of domains. Her first experience was for a luxury tourism platform, which taught her loads about customer success; she then operated in B2B logistics with a Saas product for which she was responsible for the relationship between buyers and sellers. Her passion for product management stemmed from those cross-functional experiences across product, marketing, tech, and customer experience.  

Today, her role as a Product Manager consists in designing the best user experience possible. It involves working with a variety of different teams — from software, hardware, operations, to marketing. 

Sherry has always been a healthcare advocate. She started her career as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse in New York, and later on specialized in the field of research as a research nurse and customer success manager. Her main areas of expertise include the recruitment & monitoring of study participants, and the development of training and educational material for sites & participants.

Today as a Project Manager for Research, Sherry is responsible for onboarding researchers and ensuring the successful integration of our solution in their studies. What she enjoys most about her role is not only its cross-functional aspect, but also the fact that she gets to work with researchers all around the world who are making great contributions to the field of sleep science!

During his 7 years of engineering school, Lahib already had a strong interest in the conception of medical devices. After an internship in the world of state-of-the-art orthopedic prostheses, and an experience as a research fellow and data analyst at the Harvard Medical School, he soon realized he wanted to specialize in the R&D of medical devices. That’s how his story with Dreem started out two years ago - first as an intern, then as our full-time Mechanical Engineer. 

His work consists of conceiving industrial medical devices designed to detect sleep pathologies. Lahib is involved in every stage of the production process, from the development phase to the optimization of industrialization.

Olivier has been at Dreem since the very start. He actually met our two co-founders during a Startup Weekend in which participants had 48 hours to build a company from scratch. An intense experience, during which Olivier, Quentin and Hugo quickly got along very well while learning to work together. When Dreem was built, his expertise & experiences as a software engineer were a perfect fit for him to join the team.

Today at Dreem, Olivier is the Director of Software Engineering. He oversees a team of 7 developers, 2 AI engineers, as well as 3 product managers and designers.


Dreem is a digital health company specialized in sleep. Their mission: to push the boundaries of science to reshape sleep care — for the better 💤. 

With its digital sleep clinic, the team provides diagnosis and treatment options for people suffering from sleep-related disorders. A coordinated care platform that can be accessed from home, with dedicated sleep practitioners and comprehensive treatment plans. Telehealth for sleep (basically) 🏥. 

With proprietary technology that assesses sleep and guides clinical decision-making, the clinic also streamlines research & drug development programs in a broad range of therapeutic areas. Its partners include leading pharma companies and institutions across the globe, and beyond 🛰.

What they are looking for

Dreemers are all kinds of different ✨.

They have different profiles, and different sets of expertise — from embedded systems, design, machine learning, neuroscience or analytics. With a 1 person = 1 function type of structure, that kind of diversity is key. It nurtures ownership, work ethic, sense of responsibility and cross-team efforts — the secret sauce to making an impact 🥊.

Dreemers are passionate; and not just about work. They’re passionate about biking, skiing, acting, or couture (just to name a few). Together — they’re really lively. Laughter is a must; hanging out together a real plus. And they care. First and foremost about each other; and about this mission that unites them 🤝.

That's the type of person they’re looking for. But then again, they like different 😉.

Good to know

Remote-friendly with a welcoming multicultural environment 🌎 — from France, the United States, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, and more! 

Regular gatherings with company-wide meetings every week, learning breakfasts every month, group workout sessions during lunch, and weekly “dreemks” for the brave 🥂.

Twice a year, the team gets together for their Dreem Summits ⛰. Special off-sites with sports challenges, themed parties, and all sorts bonding activities (& a strict no-work policy 🏝).   

A job with real impact 😴. Are YOU ready to join the fight for better sleep?

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