Immobilier commercial, Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services



The digeiz tech team is delivering AI computer vision software at scale for real-time applications in 10 European countries.

This is only possible thanks to the great synergy between the 5 departments :

  • the research team is coding cutting-edge neural networks in Python
  • the C++ team combines them with optimized algorithms for robust monitored software on 90 core machines
  • the backend team receives the data generated in production and stores them into our database
  • the frontend team creates backoffice tool to visualize the data and configure all production sites at scale
  • the infra team makes sure all the deployed servers are smoothly running all over Europe.

If you live for clean and sharp code, come and meet us!

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Ambitious & humble teamplayer colleagues.

Bon à savoir

You are more likely to be recruited if:

  • you like to play soccer or bastketball during lunch breaks
  • you know how to creat emojis and memes on Slack
  • you read science fiction or love tech
  • you like merry gathering for lunch, chocolat, truffle or both.

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