Data Impact

Data Impact

Senior Systems Administrator

  • CDI 
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  • Paris
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Data Impact

Data Impact

  • Big Data, E-commerce

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Senior Systems Administrator

  • CDI 
  • Début :  
  • Paris
  • Télétravail ponctuel autorisé


Why Data Impact ?
The phenomenal development of e-commerce has given rise to huge quantities of data and information. Companies have difficulty exploiting this data, not knowing which leverage actions to choose nor how to measure their impact.

  • This is where Data Impact comes in! We collect over 7 billion pieces of data daily which we process and use in innovative monitoring tools destined for the industry professionals.
  • Our objective: to enable our clients to define the best strategy, take the best decisions and optimise their execution in real-time
  • Today: Data-Impact is a leader in e-retail and omnichannel analytics; a rapidly growing start-up with clients in more than 25 countries, we are looking for new colleagues to join our great team in the USA
  • A young but experienced and dynamic team with a resolutely start-up attitude!
  • A uniquely diverse and international environment with more than 25 nationalities
  • Real career development opportunities
  • A friendly, relaxed atmosphere and a climate of mutual trust promoting autonomy and challenges

Job description

Data Impact is hiring a senior system administrator. Within the Engineering Team, you will work on designing, building and maintaining our infrastructure both on bare metal servers and in the cloud.

You will:
• build and maintain an infrastructure capable of processing billions of records daily, while ensuring both optimal performance and cost control,
• ensure high availability of the platform,
• automate the whole deployment process, both on dedicated servers and cloud (Ansible, Terraform, managed k8s…),
• deploy a top notch monitoring system and provide technical and business based alerting,
• deploy our CI/CD pipeline (CircleCI, Google Build…),
• setup and deploy our IT security policy,
• help the development team ramp up on topics such as deployment, monitoring, tracing,
• define and follow the infrastructure main KPIs.

Preferred experience

You have 5+ years of experience in a startup infrastructure team. Having worked in a data oriented environment is a plus.

You are curious, a team player with good communication skills.

You have a first professional experience on one of the major cloud computing platforms (GCP, AWS or Azure).

You have excellent knowledge of a scripting language (Python, Shell Scripting…)

You have a good knowledge of at least one deployment and provisioning system (Ansible, Terraform…)

You have good knowledge of container and orchestration technologies (Docker, k8s…)

You have a good understanding of RDBMS and document database systems.

A first experience deploying Elasticsearch at scale is a plus.

You have a very good level of English

Recruitment process

  • Call with CTO or Engineer
  • Meet 1 or 2 members of dev team
  • Technical test
  • ITW HR + founders

Meet the Data Impact team

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