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Daltrey is a biometric identity provider, with a mission to redefine how identity is used to create safer, more secure environments. Our biometric digital identity technology can be used to authenticate users in any access scenario, whether they’re walking through a door or logging into applications.

Daltrey’s end-to-end solution is an industry first, using biometrics to take digital identity beyond onboarding. By combining identity proofing, attribute binding and advanced liveness capability, Daltrey allows organisations to manage physical and digital access with one verified credential. 

What they are looking for

Daltrey is a proudly diverse organisation with team members spread across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Our team is made up of experts whose skills and experience put us at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital identity space. Each one is a leader in their field and passionate about solving problems once considered unsolvable.

We are committed to building a first-of-its-kind technology, we’re taking a first-of-its-kind approach to business in the cybersecurity sector as we continue to expand our ability to make an impact for good.

Our collective attributes are:

Upfront ambition: We have high standards because we are change-makers.

We prioritise impact: Everything we do makes a positive difference

Trust always matters: In ourselves, in each other and in what we’re building

Building together: A shared purpose and vision, with recognition of individual strengths

Good to know

At Daltrey we have four pillars which forms part of our employer promise:

A shared investment: With a strong base pay and an annual performance bonus, your time and investment will also be rewarded with our bonus scheme and ESOP. We fuel your curiosity and career development with strong leadership, structured progression and formal coaching and development programs.

Sustained balance: We want you to be in harmony with the different aspects of your life. Our hybrid and flexible working model allows you to work at your best and keep it balanced with your personal world. We offer Daltrey Days, study leave and paid parental leave.

Staying connected: Our impending B Corp certification will guide us to make the right choices for our business. Our global team are connected through our shared purpose, knowledge sharing, collaboration and support.

Innovation and evolution: We use cutting-edge technology which has put our solution at the pinnacle of digital identity management. New technologies are a constant which means your knowledge and career in cybersecurity will evolve with us.

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