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Organization and methodologies

Dailymotion cares about their employees' well-being. To achieve their business goals while preserving teams from exhaustion and discouragement, they created their own project management framework to structure their teams and how they work.

Each cycle lasts six weeks and is divided into three sprints, plus one additional sprint for cooldown, focusing on time-to-market and day-to-day work. Each sprint has specific goals, timelines, teams, and rules:

  • Discovery lanes last two weeks and aim at reducing uncertainty and defining the work to be done
  • Delivery Missions last six weeks and are meant to deliver value
  • Ground Lanes ensure that day-to-day business is supported within each craft

Recruitment process

While Interview processes may vary depending on the team you are applying to, you may expect the following hiring process:

HR interview

  • Preliminary call discussion with the HR team to screen suitable profiles.

Technical Interview

  • Live coding test or test assignment, depending on the team involved.
  • Live Q&A technical questions in relation to the language(s) and tool(s) required for the job position.
  • Discussion about your previous experience and qualifications for the job

Manager interview

  • Organization framework presentation
  • Team presentation
  • Cultural and team fit assessment