Senior Product Manager - Activation & Billing (M/F)


Senior Product Manager - Activation & Billing (M/F)




  • Application mobile, SaaS / Cloud Services, Ressources humaines
  • Entre 50 et 250 salariés

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Senior Product Manager - Activation & Billing (M/F)

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Who are they?

Combo makes HR easier for deskless teams.

Every entrepreneur wants their business to grow bigger. Combo’s mission is to help them grow well: become better managers, recruit more easily, help their teams grow and thrive at work.

Today, 8,000+ teams working in hospitality, healthcare, retail and beyond, rely on Combo and its all-in-one HR platform to say goodbye to their payroll and admin nightmare. All-in-one HR tool means: ultra fast scheduling tool, easy payroll, quick contract management, team communication, productivity tracking, and more.

After raising a 40M€ Series A early 2022, Combo keeps developing as we triple revenue year after year, and grow our teams. We have clients in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and soon many more across Europe.

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Job description

As Senior Product Manager - Activation & Billing, your mission will be to create the best possible experience to accelerate the uptake and adoption of Combo

Together with your team, you will have the unique opportunity to build a complete SaaS conversion funnel! You will implement everything necessary to optimize it: sign-up experience, onboarding path, in-product messaging, CRM, conversion, etc…

You will be at the heart of our Product-Led Growth strategy and will work closely with Marketing, Operations, Sales and Customer Success teams, as well as with the other squads that build the product.

At Combo, we have an “Anglo-Saxon” vision of the Product: leading an impact team, our Product Managers are committed to producing value, beyond delivering features. Thus, by building your convictions about our users and the market, you will have to create and defend your product vision, identify the real problems to be solved, validate your hypotheses and find the best solutions in an iterative way.

How are we organized?

Each team is composed of a PM, 2 to 8 Devs (back-end, front-end and/or full-stack) and, depending on the needs, a Designer and/or a Product Marketing Manager.

The Product and Tech teams are organized in impact squads, stable over time. They are experts on their product and on the problems of their users, and are autonomous in defining and achieving their quarterly and annual OKRs, which are aligned with the company’s product strategy.

Your main tasks:


  • In collaboration with the Product Designers, you conduct user research with our users, customers and partners to find the right problems and the best solutions.
  • You will be in charge of market and product intelligence.
  • You work in collaboration with the CSM, Sales and Marketing teams to gather and consolidate the knowledge needed to build your products.
  • You make decisions based on data, or insights from user research


  • You build a vision and a product strategy that unites Combo’s teams and its customers
  • You will be responsible for making strategic decisions on a quarterly basis and for obtaining the commitment of all stakeholders
  • You define the OKRs and KPIs that allow you to accurately measure the success of your team

Create products that generate impact for Combo

  • You will be responsible for the development of the product and the development of the product itself.
  • You imagine, test and evaluate development opportunities with a real product approach
  • You select or abandon them in order to reach your objectives as efficiently as possible
  • You drive collaboration with your team and all teams, including Tech, Design, Data, Marketing, CSM, Sales and Legal, to build great products from start to finish, and get them adopted by our customers

Succeed on projects

  • You enable your team to make the right product decisions, build quality products while meeting your deadlines, and continuously improve
  • You manage your projects by involving the right stakeholders and rigorously following your KPIs and OKRs
  • You allow all stakeholders to understand your choices and roadmap, and you communicate very regularly on your progress and the achievement of your goals.

Preferred experience

As you will have understood, we are looking for a passionate Product Manager, capable of moving metrics thanks to an overflowing energy and a good organization.


  • You have more than 3 years of experience as a Product Manager in recognized Tech companies, and on Growth, Activation or Retention issues.
  • You know how to build a product vision and unite beyond your team
  • You are extremely precise and rigorous in your analysis and use of data to make decisions
  • You have a good sense of humor and a good sense of humour.
  • You know how to argue your choices, communicate and convince at all levels, both internally and with our customers
  • You know how to evolve in a company in hyper growth
  • You are fluent in English

Why join us?

  • Combo is experiencing strong growth, which is conducive to an increase in skills, opportunities for hierarchical development and access to responsibilities.
  • We have a strong team spirit and a resolutely participative corporate culture where the human being is always placed at the center of the company.
  • Learning is a strong concern at Combo: mentoring, continuous coaching, peer-to-peer sharing are daily practices.
  • The opportunity to improve on the best practices in Product Management

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive fixed salary (amount according to age/experience)
  • BSPCE for all employees
  • Remote-friendly
  • Beneficial company health insurance (Alan)
  • Swile meal card
  • 50% paid Navigo pass (or Mobility pass)
  • MacBook Pro computer
  • Super nice offices
  • Regular offsites

Recruitment process

  • Step 1: A 30-minute video interview with Milena, our Talent Acquisition Lead

  • Step 2 : A 45-minutes video interview with your future manager Laurent, Head of Product, to discuss our vision of Product Management

  • Step 3: A role-playing session with two Product Managers to test your hard skills and help you project yourself onto your future missions. 2 hours - Nothing to prepare!

  • Step 4: An interview with Laurent, Head of Product, and Raphaël, our CTO, to discuss your background and motivations in more detail. 2h

  • Step 5: A final exchange with Olivier, our CEO Founder, to confirm the match, 30min

  • Welcome to Combo!


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