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Colonies’ mission is to create tomorrow‘s housing experience.

People are progressively adopting new lifestyles as independence, flexibility, community and sharing are becoming key values. Meanwhile traditional housing offer has not evolved over the past decades and is still complex and inflexible. This is why we set out to bring flexible urban housing, making the most of what careful design, state of the art technology and a bustling community can provide.

Created in Paris in 2017, Colonies designs and operates housing buildings located in large cities. Our places are fully furnished and equipped, mixing private studios for intimacy and common spaces for sharing. Our offer is all-included to make sure our tenants can focus on what really matters to them. Moving to a new place can be challenging and intimidating: this is why we foster community through regular events and activities.

After raising a €11 million financing round with investors such as Idinvest Partners, Global Founders Capital, Kima Ventures and Financière Saint James, Colonies is accelerating its growth and will start launching developments and operations across Continental European markets with a focus on Germany, Benelux and Switzerland.

What they are looking for

Smart and creative people eager to find new ideas, share them and make them happen.

Ambitious people sharing our vision of what should be tomorrow's housing experience, willing to take on responsibilities and have a significant impact on their client's lives.

Dynamic people that want to work in a fast-paced and demanding environment, always willing to learn and who enjoy the opportunity of being part of a diverse team.

Good to know

What they all have at Colonies :

  1. A very good sens of humour
  2. A lot of refreshing ideas, sometimes too many
  3. A taste for chocolate-flavored stuff

And they like to share 1 and 2, sometimes 3...

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