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Lead UX designer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Paris
  • > 5 years

The company



  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Job Training, SocialTech / GreenTech
  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Lead UX designer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris

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67% of people are disengaged and unmotivated at work.

If you are born in a low-income family, then it will take 4.5 generations for your descendants to reach the average level of income. Social Elevator is a myth.

Why can’t People take control over their lives today?
People are bad at navigating their own psychological complexity by themselves, dealing with their internal dialogues and dilemmas.
No human alone, neither people themselves, nor professional counsellors, can embrace the complexity of the world of work.

Can Tech by itself solve this?
No, while machines are excellent at pattern recognition, they fail at assessing human ambiguity.
Hence the creation of Chance, the first adaptive method merging the best of Human Psychology and Machine Intelligence, to allow individuals to become masters of their own work-life destiny. We deliver an adaptive 8 weeks program, intertwining digital coaching and human video coaching, to allow anyone to have a career aligned with her/his deep motivations, constraints and talents.

Chance Honorary Chairman is Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Pr. Muhammad Yunus. We are a team of already 25 strong professionals from the fields of psychology, technology, design, human resources, sociology, from 5 different nationalities, accompanied by world-class investors and advisors. Chance has a historical technical and financial partnership with Google.org, won Facebook France start-up competition last year, and already invested 5 million euros in R&D so far.

Job description

Your mission

Think and build a life-changing experience, intertwining digital coaching and human coaching, that enables the talent to have a simple, reassuring and exciting journey, from getting to know himself better to finding a job position that suits him

This experience will need to be:

  • holistic and dynamic to help the talent navigate through all our solutions in a consistent way (eg. introspection activities, meetings with the coach, job exploration, communication with other talents, getting access to a community of mentors, …)
  • adaptive to the user’s needs (eg. focus on introspection vs focus on pragmatic actions) and way of thinking (eg. intuitive vs rational)
  • interactive in order to maximize the positive psychological impact on talents. Two projects will be implemented in particular : 1. Add interactive visual activities that can trigger talent’s awareness & behaviour change in a powerful way and 2. Augment video coaching sessions with real-time features (labels, virtual objects, coaching models, chat, …)

To achieve this, you will need to intimately understand deep human mechanisms and the stakes and levers of psychological coaching.

You will work in very close collaboration with a lead coaching designer (coaching and psychology expert), using leading edge tech to design a deep tech and human concept.

Tasks and responsabilities

  • Understand the complex product structure with human and digital elements, embrace the end-to-end journey of talents.
  • Coordinate continuously with the coaching designer to understand finely the talent’s needs, emotions, internal barriers and to create disruptive ways to address them and facilitate behaviour change of the talent.
  • Organise user researches & focus groups to deeply understand talents from very diverse backgrounds (eg. from highly educated to less privileged population).
  • Get trained in coaching to know key elements.
  • Generate user insights, developing a deep understanding of how stakeholders interact with the product, in close collaboration with lead coaching designer and engineering team.
  • Build on this insight to develop interaction models, task flows and user interface specifications; create wireframes and mock-ups and build prototypes.
  • Cut through complexity to deliver simple user experiences, guiding users to realise complex tasks intuitively.
  • Keep abreast of global UX developments; articulate how they could be harnessed to improve our products.
  • Communicate regularly with people across the business; collaborate closely with the Operations and Engineering teams and provide them with wireframes, task flow specifications and required ad-hoc documentation to ease implementation.


  • Previous UX experience in a consumer-facing business, ideally in a start-up, ideally with a highly experiential product/service
  • Experience designing products UX across multiple platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop); in-depth understanding of norms, guidelines and differences of web, iOS and Android UX.
  • Knowledge of design and prototyping tools.
  • Demonstrated experience leading complex projects with conflicting priorities, in collaboration with stakeholders across the business.
  • Some understanding of software development and web technologies, especially HTML5 and CSS; familiar with agile and lean development methodologies.
  • Exposure to modern frameworks such as React, Vue or Angular.
  • Experience with using design systems
  • Interest in behavioural change, coaching & psychological aspects
  • Fluent written and spoken English and French language.

Preferred experience

Chance has the ambition to become the first social unicorn in history. That’s why we are looking for candidates who are highly driven by social impact, highly motivated and highly skilled.

Chance is all about empowering people to work in a position and in an environment that are aligned with who they are.
We obviously apply this principle to ourselves. Once you apply, you will receive an email which will tell you the type of information we look for in order to ensure that your own aspirations + skillset and the position are aligned!

Perfect English & French

200% aligned with Chance vision and mission.

Recruitment process

See above + ITWs

Meet the Chance team



Lead UX designer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:  
  • Paris
  • > 5 years
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