Capital Fund Management

Capital Fund Management

Big Data, Finance, Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning

Paris, London, New York

Lais joined CFM as a Quantitative Researcher in 2019. She is graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and completed her experience with a PhD in jet substructure at Université Paris-Sud and a post-doc in soft-collinear effective fields in Hamburg. Her role is to develop new algorithms that predict moves in the financial market, based on a variety of data and to follow the performance of those signals.

Romain joined CFM after a career as developer, project manager in R&D and product manager. He is passionate about innovation and naturally chose to go back to school to learn more about Machine Learning a few years ago. He began at CFM after his master’s degree at Telecom Paris and works since then as a data scientist on the integration of alternative data sets.

Marie-Caroline is Executive Director in our Client Services team, dedicated to investor relations. She joined us in 2018 after 12 years in London where she was already working in the same industry, first as a hedge fund analyst, then as a fund of hedge funds portfolio manager, and finally as a client strategy director in a quant hedge fund. She has known CFM for a long time before joining and has been impressed by our independence and excellence.

Annabel joined CFM in 2018 in order to run and develop Human Resources and Administration Department and support strategic initiatives which are undertaken by the firm. She came with an experience of 25 years in a wide range of fields, from finance to business development and project management for a large group in the retail sector. The idea of joining a much smaller but highly successful expanding company really appealed to her.

Géraldine is Head of Internal Control at CFM. She joined CFM in 2010 after 7 years in the United States where she graduated from an MBA in finance and began her career at Deustche Bank. Why does she enjoy working at CFM? In 3 words: Humility, innovation and collaboration!

Louis joined CFM in January 2020 as a Data Engineer after an experience of 5 years in a similar job but a completely different sector. He is in charge of developing technical tools for our Investor Relations team and other business users. The two principal soft skills he needs to use daily? Listening and communication!

Tifenn joined CFM in 2019 after 3 years in investment banking. She is graduated from an engineering school and a master specialized in financial markets at Paris Dauphine. As a quantitative developer, she works closely with our research teams for the validation of models and their implementation in production. Her job integrates both an IT and mathematical dimension .

Giampaolo joined CFM as a Researcher about 2 years ago from management consulting. He holds a PhD in automation engineering from ETH Zurich. He works in portfolio construction and focuses on futures and options. One of his main challenges is to be able to separate noise from the financial market data.

Rachel is American and has been living in Paris for three and half years.

She works at CFM as a Vice President of Valuation and ensures the integrity and accuracy of fund performances and net asset values. She enjoys working with people from different cultural backgrounds and is happy to have the opportunity to grow professionally in a challenging environment!

Matthieu joined CFM 4 years ago as a Linux System Engineer after an experience in the field of Research and Development. He was strongly interested by the variety of tasks included in the job description.

He is now in charge of the deployment and maintenance of our linux systems in production and the management of critical technical projects.

His two biggest challenges? Resilience and Responsiveness!

Philippe joined CFM about one year ago as a Data Engineer. He is in charge of integrating huge volumes of financial data in our systems. He is as effective in understanding how financial markets operate as he is in developing applications in Python!

Before joining CFM, he gained a professional experience of 15 years in the financial sector where he heard a lot about CFM as a reference in the field.

Raphael joined CFM as a Researcher more than 2 years ago after a first research experience in the oil & gas sector. He graduated from Centrale Paris and holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University in New York.

He is in charge of developing trading algorithms along with advancing our understanding of market microstructure, and enjoys seeing the practical application of his findings on the financial markets. On top of his day-to-day research job, Raphael is product owner of a software development team and promotes collaboration between technology and research.

Philémon joined CFM 5 years ago after obtaining his French engineering degree. He’s responsible of developing the software chain that manages our market portfolios, work that implies a lot of collaboration with other teams at CFM especially in research.


Founded in 1991, Capital Fund Management (CFM) is a global quantitative and systematic asset manager applying a scientific approach to finance, combined with the latest technology to protect and grow our clients’ assets. Simply put, CFM analyses huge quantities of data, identifies patterns, develops trading algorithms and implements them efficiently on the global markets with the latest technology platforms.

As these techniques increasingly become the norm in asset management, CFM is looking for great minds to help the firm remain at the forefront of this sector.

What they are looking for

CFM is looking for highly-talented and passionate PhDs, IT engineers and experts from around the world. You will be intellectually curious, keen to explore new ideas, challenge assumptions, and see the firm's thinking, research and analysis come to life in a way that benefits our clients.

So if that sounds like you and you’re someone who enjoys rising to a challenge, who pursues excellence with enthusiasm and perseverance and who sees the value in collaboration and cooperation to uncover the best ideas, develop the best solutions and deliver the best results, then come join CFM!

Good to know

  1. We’re more like a technology start up than a traditional finance firm.
  2. We have a strong team spirit, collaboration is one of our key values : Excel Together !
  3. Whether it's ice-cream vendors on a hot day, patisserie deliveries for internal meetings or the hotly contested football league, we like to have fun whilst we work.

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