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Paris, Kiev, Madrid, São Paulo, Warsaw

The teams

Nicolas is CEO and co-founder of BlaBlaCar, the world’s leading community-based travel network. He leads the company’s global operations and international growth and has successfully led the company’s various rounds of financing and acquisitions. Prior to BlaBlaCar, Nicolas was a venture capitalist in London and before that started his career in the Silicon Valley.

Olivier started his career at Apple as a software engineer and gradually made the move to engineering management over time.

After spending five years in California managing the teams responsible for the client-side software for iCloud, Olivier moved back to Paris to join BlaBlaCar in September 2017.

He’s passionate about products that change people’s lives, about complex systems and about scaling teams to their full potential.

His mission: take BlaBlaCar to the next level!

Usman Akeju is a Software Engineer in BlaBlaCar's Engineering Productivity team, where he optimizes delivery pipelines to be fast, reliable, and intuitive. After being in the field for over 15 years, Usman joined the ride in 2015 and has grown a lot in his role since. He is also a founding member of our legendary BlaBlaBand and helps organize our popular "Coding Night" hackathons where you can find him in his pajamas!

Juliette is Culture & Engagement Manager at BlaBlaCar. She started her ride in the beginning of 2022 and since then, she has organized more than 30 events and activities. She’s a creative mind known for her ability to make everyone smile and for strengthening BlaBlaCar’s Fun & Serious culture. We all love the parties and other activities she organizes with her team, all year around!

Oscar is a Community Relations Agent at BlaBlaCar. He plays an essential role supporting our users with their concerns, ensuring everyone has the best experience. One of Oscar's most significant achievements is co-founding BlaBlaRainbow, our first Employee Resource Group that's all about creating a safe space and raising awareness.

Jiankun Huangu is Product Manager at BlaBlaCar. He plays an essential role in the monetization of our carpooling activities in new countries, and has contributed to successfully launching them in 5 new countries. He’s passionate about traveling and really enjoys organizing team-building events, one of the things that his team really appreciates about him!

Benjamine is a B2G Account Manager in our BlaBlaCar Daily team. Her main mission is bringing and supporting partners from Brittany to South West France. She gets to travel there often! She handles the whole lifecycle and collaborates with local administrations for carpooling solutions. She's passionate about our mission to reduce the carbon footprint, and loves our fun environment.

Carmen Uyema is Digital Marketing Associate at BlaBlaCar. She started her ride in early 2020, after having worked in several advertising agencies. Her role is to develop digital marketing strategies to achieve our company objectives and fuel the growth of our marketplace. She’s one of the proud organizers of our Spanish lunch where people help each other to improve their language skills! ¡Qué bien!

Thierno Ba is Associate Manager in our Community Relations team at BlaBlaCar. He joined BlaBlaCar in 2019 as a Community Manager, and two months later he had the opportunity to become Associate Manager. Today, he’s leading a team of 8 people who is responsible for giving member and paralegal support. On top of this he’s helping his team to reach their individual goals while supporting his manager and fellow associate managers in their missions.

Ya-Hsuan is a Product Data Analyst at BlaBlaCar. She's the go-to for providing data insights to product stakeholders, while collaborating with over 40 data experts. What she loves the most about her role is its dynamic nature, far from boring! She also values our integration of data-mesh, which enables close collaboration with data engineers for working more efficiently. With a primary focus on booking and monetization projects, she's always helping her team to add value to the business.

Valentin is a Software Engineer in the Train Supply team. His journey started with an exciting challenge: stepping into the world of train ticket sales, a new adventure to start from scratch. His mission is focused on building a global distribution system, where it get's even more interesting as he navigates a non-standardized train industry. His favorite part of this journey? two team offsites in the same month in the sunny South of France!

Jean is a Tech and Ops Manager at BlaBlaCar in Brazil. With a background in Project Management and Engineering, he works as the bridge between business and tech, ensuring that all the bus connections are working. Jean loves connecting with users and lives our "Be the Member" principle by just scheduling a trip and hitting the road with them!