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Meet Victor, a back-end developer at Besedo with four years of experience. The Besedo platform is a complex mix of technologies and languages, requiring their team to have diverse knowledge. They prioritize performance and reliability, emphasizing good, maintainable code. Weekly training sessions for all skill levels, from junior to senior developers, ensure everyone stays up to speed, fostering a culture of curiosity and personal initiative. Many significant product features and improvements have emerged from these initiatives, making Besedo an exciting place for development.

Meet Edouard Clep, a dedicated Customer Success Manager at Besedo with a decade of experience. His role encompasses managing customer requests across diverse industries, including marketplaces and dating, from onboarding to platform use. Edouard's journey at Besedo has evolved from manual moderation to managerial responsibilities and now involves exciting machine learning projects. Based in our Paris office, he plays a pivotal role in bridging client-developer communication.

I like my job because it brings new challenges every day, it allows me to accompany and work with different teams on many projects and is very structuring. At Besedo, as DevOps, we focus on maintaining the infrastructure up and running at full capacity at all times.

Introducing Yassine, a Lead Data Scientist at Besedo for six years. Yassine manages a team of linguists and data scientists, dedicated to translating complex concepts into client-focused data requirements. The team's priorities include staying updated with the latest moderation techniques, reducing latency, and fostering continuous growth through knowledge sharing. If you're enthusiastic about data pipelines, advanced models, and web cleaning, consider joining Besedo!

Introducing Maciej, a talented front-end developer who has been a valuable member of the Besedo team for almost two years. At Besedo, our main focus is creating user-friendly interfaces that make life easier for our moderators. Maciej and his team use a mix of React and AngularJS to build a web application that works smoothly and consistently presents interesting technical challenges. Using JavaScript and TypeScript, they work on maintaining a professional yet relaxed atmosphere that encourages teamwork and innovative thinking here at Besedo.

Discover Kevin, Head of the Filter Management team at Besedo, with 11 years of dedicated experience. He oversees a global team of five specialists across three countries, responsible for creating, evaluating, and maintaining filters on the all-in-one tool, Implio. Working with diverse clients worldwide and in multiple languages, Kevin's team takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service, believing that trust-based client relationships are the cornerstone of their success.

Discover Jade's role as a linguist engineer at Besedo, where she actively creates semantic features and improves machine learning algorithms to combat harmful content online. Learn how she tackles the challenge of countering user tricks aimed at bypassing moderation tools. Join us to delve into Jade's journey in content moderation and her dedication to staying at the forefront of this dynamic field.


Depuis 2002, Besedo s'est associé à des places de marché en ligne de toutes tailles, dans le monde entier, pour les aider à créer la confiance des utilisateurs, un contenu de meilleure qualité et une meilleure expérience utilisateur dans le monde numérique. Pour y parvenir, Besedo utilise une combinaison d'IA, de filtres automatisés et de modération humaine. Besedo fournit également à ses partenaires des informations utiles sur les utilisateurs et le contenu, leur permettant de développer leur produit plus rapidement et de rester compétitifs.

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