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Qui sont-ils ?

Founded in 2019, Basikon’s mission is to revolutionize the way finance operators collaborate with their partners and customers by providing them with solutions that are natively digital, designed for the cloud, available anywhere and anytime, and easy to integrate into their information systems as well as those of their partners.
Our front-to-back, 100% API, comprehensive and hyper-agile SaaS financing platform enables financial industry players to combine unprecedented flexibility with decision acceleration and business process optimization. We ensure security, scalability and simplicity so that our customers can focus on developing their business. In short, with Basikon everything is practical, simple, “basik”!
Thanks to its low-code editor, our platform is 100% configurable and supports all types of use cases: leasing and affected credit, consumer credit, real estate credit, car financing, cards and revolving credit, inventory financing, factoring, issuing guarantees, microfinance… and all those that have not yet been imagined !
Since its inception, Basikon has accomplished great things :

  • 20 customers
  • available in 10 countries across Europe and Africa
  • 3M+ euros in revenues by 2022
  • listed in the Map 2022 of French Fintech ‘Challengers’ published by NewAlpha Asset Management

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