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Ask for the moon

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Formerly DG of Transilien and then HR Director at SNCF Réseau, Bénédicte is a leader, author, speaker, coach, and visionary with boundless energy. She joined Ask for the Moon in 2019 because it's the platform she's always dreamed of to circulate expertise on the ground, for the ground, by the ground. More than an influencer, Bénédicte is now the driving force behind the values, vision, and mission of Ask for the Moon.

After three startups, including La Ruche qui dit Oui!, Clément founded Ask for the Moon in 2018. Why? Because he was frustrated to see that the larger companies get, the more they confine their employees. Yet, all it would take is asking the right questions to the right people at the right time to utilize the wealth of expertise throughout the entire company. Therefore, Clément puts all his experience as a developer, CIO, systems engineer, and his passion for collective intelligence and the learning organization, into Ask for the Moon.

A committed researcher with degrees from Polytechnique and Supaéro, Alexandre joined Ask for the Moon in 2022 as Technical Director, after leading the R&D of a peer-to-peer sharing solution at Lumen to reduce the digital ecological footprint. With a background rich in technical and scientific challenges, ranging from nuclear physics research to developing an adblocker for radio, and as the author of multiple patents, Alexandre brings to Ask for the Moon a solid expertise in cybersecurity, AI, and management to transform knowledge management in the industry.

After business school, specializing in intellectual property law, and a dual degree from Sciences Po and Télécom Paris Tech in digital innovation management, along with numerous experiences in marketing and strategy for startups including TikTok, Hélène joined Ask for the Moon in 2021. With a broad vision and diverse experiences, Hélène is convinced that Ask for the Moon is the tool that enables business teams to save time daily while capitalizing on industrial know-how, and she is committed to demonstrating this.

Originally an industrial engineer and then a salesperson in niche industries, Clément is a strategic project manager dedicated to the operational challenges of his clients. Continuing his desire to contribute to industrial renewal, he joined Ask for the Moon in 2022 to usher high-potential companies into the era of Industry 5.0. After pioneering the path with leading companies in the Nuclear, Aerospace, and Rail sectors, his next challenge is to more broadly convince companies that by circulating tacit knowledge on a large scale, projects are accelerated, innovation is fostered, and expertise is preserved over time.

After an illustrious tenure at Schneider Electric, Eve embarked on a quest for profound impact and meaningful value, joining Ask for the Moon at the close of 2021. Armed with a formidable instinct for perpetual improvement and a fervent passion for client engagement, Eve has been a dynamo in orchestrating operational processes and spearheading the deployment of the platform among clients. Her remarkable contributions and visionary approach culminated in her elevation to the role of Operations Manager in 2022, where she continues to blaze trails and set new standards of excellence.


In an era where industries are investing billions into decarbonising and relocating their value chains, rapid and large-scale knowledge sharing has become a vital element for sustainability.

Generative AI is revolutionizing the creation and consumption of knowledge, going beyond traditional boundaries to redefine what we know.

'Ask for the Moon' isn't just a tool; it's an internal platform transforming individual learning into collective advancement. When one employee learns, the entire organization grows.

This is NOT a chatbot. 'Ask for the Moon' is a dynamic AI-driven network, designed to connect people, harnessing human expertise across teams & time.

Their customers, including industry giants like Airbus, SNCF, EDF, Vinci, and Eiffage, are building the future of industry.

Ask for the moon is building the future of Knowledge with them.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Ask for the Moon is looking for curious and spontaneous individuals who enjoy simplicity and iterations. Ask for the Moon places customer contact at the heart of its methods: To work at Ask for the Moon, one must enjoy meeting users and love learning continuously, and independently.

Bon à savoir

Ask for the Moon operates in two-week sprints, common to devs, scientists, operations & sales. This makes sure everyone aligns with customer needs to build a high-quality, high-compliance, high-sovereignty Knowledge platform.

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