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Billions of vital biomedical information newly accessible in the blink of an eye


ArcaScience provides a new way for biopharma to make research by solving the biggest issue they are facing today : data exploration. Did you know that 80% of biomedical data are unreachable and growing twofolds every 72 days?

ArcaSciences' technologies are the only ones able to handle and provide a complete end-to-end control over biomedical information, from the medical reports to the real-world evidences.

What they are looking for

As a startup, we a regularly raising money and building "scaling unit", made of technical and sales persons.

Scaling means that we are opening new markets too and that the core team will need new C-levels and international profiles to grow.

Good to know

Multi-cultural company, global-oriented, located in Paris and open to remote workers.

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