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Animation Pipeline Innovation Lead

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At Animaj, we’re pioneering the future of children’s entertainment by blending creativity with cutting-edge technology. As our Animation Pipeline Innovation Lead, you’ll spearhead the transformation of our animation production processes. 

Your mission: to identify, integrate, and optimize innovative tools and technologies that elevate our storytelling capabilities and efficiency. You’ll be the architect of a future where imagination meets unparalleled execution.


  • Audit and Analysis:

    • Conduct comprehensive audits and analyses of existing production pipelines to pinpoint opportunities for efficiency improvements and identify current pain points

    • Work closely with cross-functional teams to understand pain points and areas ripe for innovation.

    • In collaboration with the VP of Engineering and the CEO, define and establish the production automation roadmap setting clear priorities, deliverables and timelines

  • Technology Scouting and Integration:

    • Proactively scout for cutting-edge tools, both commercially available and open-source (e.g., for 3d modeling, facial animation, lip-syncing, music, dubbing etc.), to enhance our animation processes

    • Lead the evaluation and testing of new tools and technologies with the support of 3D engineers/TD pipeline specialists, making informed decisions on their integration into our production pipelines

    • Lead the integration of new tools/technologies in our production pipelines

    • Systematically measure and report on the efficiency gains achieved through the integration of new tools within our production pipelines

  • Collaboration and Leadership:

    • Facilitate and guide technical discussions between Animaj’s partner studio animators/artists and our R&D team, ensuring seamless collaboration and smooth integration of our solutions

    • Lead a team of 3D engineers and TD pipeline specialists, empowering them to contribute to our vision.

Main interfaces

  • R&D team

  • 3D Engineer/TD pipeline specialist

  • Partner Studios involved in our production pipeline including modelers, riggers, layout artists, animators)

  • Production managers for premium strand workflows

  • Axel for digital strand workflows


  • After 30 days at Animaj:

    • Complete an initial audit of the current animation production pipeline, identifying key areas for improvement and potential AI integration points.

    • Establish relationships with key internal teams (R&D, 3D Engineers/TD pipeline specialists) and external partners (animation studios).

  • After 90 days at Animaj:

    • Finalize and begin implementation of the production automation roadmap in collaboration with the VP of Engineering and CEO.

    • Successfully integrate at least one new AI tool into HeyKids’ production pipeline, with preliminary results indicating good efficiency gains.

  • After 6 months at Animaj

    • Successful integration of animatics-to-motion technology in the workflow for Pocoyo Season 6.

    • Onboard a skilled 3D engineer/TD pipeline specialist to support the technology integration efforts.

    • Complete a thorough mapping of potential efficiency gains within the 3D animation pipeline, identifying and cataloging suitable AI tools for achieving these improvements.

    • Conduct rigorous testing of at least 5 identified tools, assessing their potential impact and suitability for our production needs.

Profil recherché

  • Proven experience as a CG Supervisor in at least two renowned studios, with a track record of success in series production.

  • Deep passion for AI’s potential to revolutionize 3D animation production pipelines.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the latest AI-based solutions designed to streamline various stages of the 3D animation production process.

  • Exceptional leadership and collaboration skills, with experience managing cross-functional teams.

  • Strategic thinker with a knack for identifying and integrating cutting-edge tools and approaches.

Déroulement des entretiens

  • First Interview with our VP of Engineering (30’)

  • Case Study and Presentation to our Animation advisor (30’)

  • On-site Focused interviews

    • with one of our Series Directors (30’)

    • with our Executive Producer, Digital-First (30’)

  • Final interview with our VP of Engineering + with our CEO (60’)

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