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Their story

Their story

With new advances in technology disrupting our lives, and media consumption evolving at an unprecedented pace, we are, as many parents, startled by the flood of underbelly kids content populating the world’s most popular digital platforms. This collective concern was a turning point, the spark that ignited a transformative idea; the idea that eventually blossomed into Animaj.

At Animaj, we believe our children deserve more than a flow of monotonous and cookie-cutter content. The existing model suffers from a slow production process; failing to address what truly resonates with kids, locally as well as culturally. It no longer aligns with our fast-paced and interconnected reality.

We are committed to forging a new path - one that transcends current limitations and propels the industry into a more innovative and creative future.

We think it is time to pen a fresh narrative and push through the next big revolution in the industry. Embracing the momentum of the digital shift and the power of groundbreaking technologies, we’re shaping a future where content creation, distribution, and engagement take on new, exciting forms.

Driven by data, our storytelling doesn’t just speak - it resonates, finding its way into the hearts and minds of our vibrant young audience. Leveraging AI, we're spearheading digital-first, cross-platform and dynamic production, weaving narratives that traverse boundaries, uniting, captivating, and celebrating the diversity of their lives.

Content shouldn't simply entertain; it should transform. We believe stories should spark curiosity, fuel imagination, and ignite a thirst for knowledge. We see children not as passive viewers, but as vibrant explorers, yearning for experiences that engage, educate, and inspire.

Together, let's color the world with vibrant tone, enriched by diverse and bold stories.
This is more than a vision— it's a revolution in motion. This is the future we're relentlessly crafting. And we've already begun.

May 2022

Animaj is founded to fill the striking need for enriching and high-quality content for children.

Aug-Nov 2022

Animaj acquires 2 successful digital-native IPs (born on YouTube) with the objective of turning them into global franchises.

Nov 2022

Series A is closed - Animaj has raised €100M in debt and equity, with Left Lane Capital as a lead investor.

April 2023

The 1st episode of Kidibli is launched with the mission to expand the IP’s reach beyond the confines of YouTube.

June 2023

Animaj acquires Pocoyo, a heritage multi-awarded pre-school brand, with the ambition to turn its enduring success in Spain and LATAM into a global franchise.

Their vision

Pioneer the next era of global kids' media.
We want to create the global franchises of tomorrow by leveraging the fkywheel effect designed for this new digital-first and multi-platform era.

Their vision