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    Candidatures spontanées

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      Agicap is a group of entrepreneurial minds united by a love of helping businesses grow, a passion for problem-solving, and a soft spot for cash flow.

      Agicap is fundamentally rethinking the way businesses plan and manage one of their biggest pain points, naturally cash flow, that by centralising their bank accounts and their management and forecasting tools, to allow leaders to focus their efforts on the fundamental essentials: analysis and decision-making.

      Agicap is 100% intuitive digital cash flow forecasting and management software, for modern businesses that want to know exactly what their financial future holds and how to optimise it. Cashflow forecasting and management is the gateway to financial decision-making. Whether you want to hire a team member, open an extra office, invest in new equipment or simply pay an upcoming bill it’s important to know you have the cash to afford it.

      Agicap lets you make data driven decisions.. It is an easy to use but complex Business Management System which lets you drive your company and team performance All from one place, even from home office.

      Founded in 2016, right in the heart of the city of Lyon. From 3 founders, with more than $121 million raised since 2019, they have grown to be more than 500 people strong across Lyon, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and Barcelona, (soon to be many more)!

      Agicap is the number one solution that is helping more than 5000+ businesses across Europe, have better cash flow habits and a firm grasp on the future of their business, in industries such as retail, hospitality and manufacturing.

      Envie d’en savoir plus sur Agicap ?Culture d'entreprise, équipes, stack technique, offres d'emplois... C’est parti pour l’immersion !
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