Tufan is the CEO & Founder of ADYOUNEED. Other than working on strategy and implementation in GrowthYouNeed, he is mostly working on innovation and product development. His day consists of several meetings with our developers to see what kind of game changing products/features we can bring to the market. After living in 4 different countries Tufan decided to settle down in Paris to create the most innovative and employee-first company in the world. On his free time... {{error, free time not found}}

Elodie is Head of Growth and supervise the team of growth hackers. On a day to day basis, she ensures the implementation of strategies to maximise performance for the clients and reach their KPIs. She also ensures the smooth running of team, including resources and time management so we can always focus on our clients. After years abroad in Australia then in England, Elodie has joined Growthyouneed to enjoy the start up and dynamic environment as well as help the agency scale within the digital industry. In her free time, she is a wine enthusiast and likes running (yes, the two are compatible!).

Sasha is a Strategy Hacker at GrowthYouNeed. He joined the family 2 and a half years ago when he was still a student. On a daily basis, Sasha puts on his sales hat to handle with the incoming leads, kickoffs and tailoring 360º strategies for the most amazing clients of all times. He’s also in charge of assuring customer success and satisfaction to make sure everyone who works with GrowthYouNeed is happy at all times. Sasha likes to party and play soccer on his free times.

Pierre is Growth Hacker, and is in charge of the strategy of his clients. He works on the setup and the optimization of his campaigns, on all platform and channels. His goal is to bring the best results as possible, based on machine learning and best practice from the different tools. After his first start-up experience in Amsterdam, he decided to find an even cooler startup. He found GrowthYouNeed, and he is a member of the team over a year now. Also known as the "Chief Love Officer", he is always putting some good vibes in the office. In his free time, he started a recent boxer career, next to his gaming and streaming activity.

Jean-Guillaume is Growth Executive, and supervises several clients at GrowthYouNeed. Daily, he works close with his clients to ensure that the strategy is the best according to their needs, and also works on the operational parts, with a focus on Google Ads. JG has now more than 5 years experience in digital marketing, and been working in French Overseas and in Canada! In his free time, JG like doing sport, visits cultural places, and he's a music enthusiast.


ADYOUNEED is an innovation and employee first company based in Paris.

Under the name GrowthYouNeed they are providing growth hacking focused paid advertising services but under the name of ADYOUNEED and they provide software-as-a-service in over 48 countries collectively.

At GrowthYouNeed (Agency) they provide cutting edge paid advertising services such as Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Tiktok Ads... They have become one of the most popular agencies in a year thanks to the super-star team and unfair technologies they have developed internally.

And at ADYOUNEED and at they are focusing on changing the digital marketing world for good, allowing results bringing ads and ad creatives to everyone, at scale.

What they are looking for

Since they are all about innovation, they seek ambitious people who are willing to learn and improve themselves at all times.

On top of innovation, they are determined to be "employee first" company, so the company culture is everything to them, which is why international mindset is absolutely crucial as they are already from 6 different nationalities and speak English on daily basis.

If you already have an experience, and you are confident that your learning curve cannot be matched, moreover you are finally looking for a company where can call everyone a "close friend" and become a late co-founder, apply today.

Good to know

You will get,

  • The best tech equipment (Macbook or a Surface, a 4k external screen...)
  • A Swile Card for lunch
  • Best Mutuel at their Best Package (Alan - Blue)
  • Bio Fruit Basket (We care your health)
  • Limitless Coffee from our Barista (Good coffee is important)
  • Company Stickers (obviously)
  • Company Shares (so you own the company with us)
  • English-speaking Environment (French accent is a plus)
  • Remote work possibility (so you can work in your pijamas) and most importantly, -A group of friends who will care about you.

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