Accenture Song

Digital Marketing / Data Marketing



Accenture Song is the world’s largest tech-powered creative group*, which grows clients´businesses by building a relevance for their customers. Whatever our client's industry, we can prepare and implement a strategy to develop their business through new methods of growth. Internally, we are organized into 4 pillars, in which we take care of the customer experience in the following way:

  • Design & Digital products: They envision, design and launch products and services that are user-friendly and deliver value.

  • Marketing: They build brands that perform by making a brand or a product inspiring and tangible.

  • Commerce: They increase sales effectiveness and scale omnichannel experiences by making purchase decisions compelling and simple.

  • Service: They reinvent omnichannel service by making it more responsive, useful and easy.

Accenture Song is part of Accenture, which employs more than 733 000 people in 120 countries around the world. In addition to the Song division, there are the Strategy & Consulting, Technology, Operations and Industry X divisions. When working on our projects, we use the know-how and capacity of colleagues from these teams as well.

*We have been named the world's largest digital agency by the prestigious industry publication AdAge for 7 years in a row.

What they are looking for

They are looking for motivated and talented people with a hands-on approach. They would like to expand their team with creative-minded colleagues who are results-oriented and like to learn new things. Their main focus is on digital product and service development, UX/UI design and project management.

Good to know

At Accenture Song, they combine the rigour of a corporation with the boldness and experimental spirit of a start-up. They combine the process and discipline of a consulting firm with the playfulness of a creative agency.

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