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Coming from a degree in Forensic Science out of University, Thomas applied for a job as a Quality Control Engineer which accidentally ended up being in Computer Science. Having moved from that role to Department Head before transitioning to engineering and having a few year stints at a few startups, Thomas found himself at Accenture Song. He is currently working for a client in the automotive industry making visualization experiences to help potential buyers engage with perspective vehicles before making their purchasing decisions. He likes Photography, Scuba, Snowboarding and Recreational Frisbee.


Anna's career at Accenture Song reflects a pragmatic exploration of technology and design, specializing in user-centered designs for long-term digital projects in the automotive sector. Her work encapsulates the essence of practicality, navigating the intricacies of agile methodologies and fostering collaboration within cross-functional teams. With academic roots in industrial design from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Anna brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her role.


During her 10 years in QA, Jana became increasingly interested in management and the right way to lead and develop people in the workplace. The most decisive moment in her career was the experience of several years of mentoring through Femme Palette, where she discovered that she needed to take a different direction if she wanted to change the management environment in companies. Since 2020, when Jana joined Accenture Song Prague, she has been doing just that - improving the way leadership works, taking care of people's careers and personal development, and helping Yorck and Petr along the way.


Katka has many years of experience in programmatic online advertising. When she joined Accenture, she moved into the new role of Decision Architect. She is developing her technical skills and broadening her horizons. Designing and developing marketing campaigns to automate the decision-making process is her main goal. The whole process starts with understanding the business requirements and translating them into a technical brief, followed by implementing the strategy within the low-code platform. After that, she supports the testing cycle in collaboration with quality assurance engineers. Finally, she makes sure that the campaign release process runs smoothly.


With a background rooted in industrial design, Eleonora started her career at Accenture Rome, creating digital experiences tailored for public administrations. A year later, she moved to Prague, where she now works for the same organization, but for major automotive clients. Eleonora stands out as an adept organizer, an insatiable learner, an empathetic individual and a dedicated team player. She's fully immersed in her projects, meticulously monitoring each stage. Her approach involves seamless communication with clients, stakeholders and end users, facilitated by co-design methods. In 2017, Eleonora joined Accenture Song, where she works closely with various key roles on a daily basis, as well as leading teams according to the needs of each project. Currently, her efforts are focused on contributing to the expansion of the client base.


Kryštof has a diverse educational background, combining humanities and engineering expertise. His career began a decade ago at ZOOT, where he explored various roles before specializing in optimizing online tools and web platforms. Since then, he has worked on numerous local and international projects and currently holds the position of Senior UX Designer at Accenture. In this role, Kryštof effectively leads a small team in an agile environment, works closely with cross-functional teams, manages client relationships and actively participates in decision-making processes to shape customer journeys and design outcomes.


Karin's career started in the marketing environment, where she gained hands-on experience in managing online digital platforms while strengthening her project management skills. After 5 years, Karin realized that she wanted to step up her game and joined Accenture Song in 2021. Since then she has been an integral part of the rollout team. This team is dedicated to rolling out digital tools and solutions for an automotive client. Karin's role revolves around collaborating with client and third party stakeholders and leading the global implementation of the dealer website in the rollout markets.



Accenture Song is the world’s largest tech-powered creative group*, which grows clients´businesses by building a relevance for their customers. Whatever our client's industry, we can prepare and implement a strategy to develop their business through new methods of growth. Internally, we are organized into 4 pillars, in which we take care of the customer experience in the following way:

  • Design & Digital products: They envision, design and launch products and services that are user-friendly and deliver value.

  • Marketing: They build brands that perform by making a brand or a product inspiring and tangible.

  • Commerce: They increase sales effectiveness and scale omnichannel experiences by making purchase decisions compelling and simple.

  • Service: They reinvent omnichannel service by making it more responsive, useful and easy.

Accenture Song is part of Accenture, which employs more than 733 000 people in 120 countries around the world. In addition to the Song division, there are the Strategy & Consulting, Technology, Operations and Industry X divisions. When working on our projects, we use the know-how and capacity of colleagues from these teams as well.

*We have been named the world's largest digital agency by the prestigious industry publication AdAge for 7 years in a row.

What they are looking for

They are looking for motivated and talented people with a hands-on approach. They would like to expand their team with creative-minded colleagues who are results-oriented and like to learn new things. Their main focus is on digital product and service development, UX/UI design and project management.

Good to know

At Accenture Song, they combine the rigour of a corporation with the boldness and experimental spirit of a start-up. They combine the process and discipline of a consulting firm with the playfulness of a creative agency.

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