La Vie™

La Vie™

  • Agroalimentaire / Nutrition animale, FoodTech, Grande distribution
  • Paris, Hamburg, Hilversum, Londres
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Team 🌟

Awesome talented team : complicity and solidarity. 1 annual seminar, weekly team drinks, Monday meetings together, team lunch on Fridays

Opportunities to learn and Grow🌟

Trainings, learning lunchs, regular Q&A sessions with our leadership, honest discussions about our company KPIs, monthly feedbacks sessions

Trust 🤩

Respect and transparency from the all team


Employees are company's shareholders 

Impact 🌱 

A work that does participate to solve the equation of CO2 emission reduction by creating friendly products for society and environment. Sharing an office culture that prioritises low-waste and eco-friendly practices

International environment 🌎

English speaking and growing number of nationalities

Career development

We are very ambitious company, expect to take responsibilities and have a wide decision panels under your scope. We are growing the range of products and the number of countries where we are distributing.


Learning and curiosity are a topic we value a lot 

  • Each employee has a "buddy" when he arrives at La Vie, you can ask anything to your buddy 
  • Learning Lunch : we invite experts to talk about their discoveries and stories for regular learning lunch
  • Cookies Praise : monthly our feedback system becomes live, we share a cake with the person we especially want to praise in the company
  • Career path : each employee can access to dedicated training to improve performances and grow within our departments 

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

💻 : Remote work is set up based on employee good common sense 

🥳  : Bi-Monthly drinks with the team, Weekly Vegan company Friday team Lunch, Monthly Random Lunch, Monthly team building, Bi-Annual Seminar 

🏃  : A healthy mind in a healthy body : Team Participation in various sports events

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