La Vie™

La Vie™

Agroalimentaire / Nutrition animale, FoodTech, Grande distribution

Paris, Cologne, Hilversum, Londres


At La Vie, we love meat, but we don’t love its impact on life. We’re on a mission to help people move from an animal-based diet to a plant-based one, whilst keeping a big smile on their face. Our unique product technology and patented vegetal fat recipe, delivers the juiciest meat-like experiences ever known in the category. We are building a movement, a positive change for the industry and for the planet. Come and join us.

From plants with Love. La Vie™

What they are looking for

La Vie™ is building a team of the most ambitious and sharpest R&D scientists and engineers. They are also looking for talented sales and logistics professionals to deliver their outstanding products worldwide. While experience in the food industry is a plus, they welcome all talented applicants who share their vision and drive.

Good to know

They’ve built an international team whose first language is food, second is English, and French is a distant third. Their project is wildly ambitious and they won’t stop until you can buy their products in Rio, Tokyo, and Nairobi.

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