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Business Developer (Polish speaking) - CDI - Paris 2

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: €38K to 62K
Starting date: September 01, 2024
A few days at home
Education: Master's Degree
Skills & expertise
Generated content
Business acumen
Communication skills
Mechanical skills


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The position

Job description

🔎 In a nutshell, what are we looking for?

We are looking for a smart and talented full-time team-member to join our Business team. This team is already composed of 4 amazing members (e.g. Matthieu, Yann, Carlos & Ginevra. You will also be directly working with our CEO Eliott.

We are looking for a CDI to start as soon as possible.

🏈 About your future Team

The Business team is in charge of signing new partners. The team has a pivotal role in Stockly’s growth and has already successfully signed hundreds of European partners (retailers, marketplaces and brands).

Over the past years typical missions of the team included:

  • Reach out to hundreds of (e)retailers all over Europe from a very curative brand to a distributor generating +1bn€ in sales

  • Understand customer needs and buying cycle to gather key prospect information, generate interest and bring in successful partners

  • Qualification, contacts, demos & closing from inbound & outbound leads. You are always the first touchpoint with the client until the partner is signed!

  • Negotiate the best deals for Stockly and our partners. Always aim for a win-win situation

🧑‍🚀 About your future job

🎯 Objectives: what could be examples of your first quarter objectives?

  • Objective: Close 15 new retailers and 5 new brands

  • Performance measurement: number of closings and business potential of the new partners

  • Tasks: owning the deal from A to Z (identifying the partner, initiating first contact, demonstrating Stockly’s value, handling the contract…)

🥊 Challenges: what are the challenges / problems you will solve?

  • Dealing with a lot of complexity specific to some partners, in an ever-expanding technical environment & thriving sector

  • Being responsible for establishing tomorrow’s Stockly network by handpicking new partners

  • Leading the negotiations with the future retailers: be tenacious to demonstrate the value of Stockly for them, be understanding to find the best deal for everyone

  • Closing deals autonomously

  • Preparing contracts

  • Managing side-projects to improve the overall team’s performance

  • Deal with a wide range of targets and working styles (e.g. large and small companies, many different countries and cultures…)

📚 Learnings: what will you learn?

  • Understand how Stockly and its tech work to add even more value to the company and to its new partners

  • How e-commerce works, business models, used technology, problems the retailers encounter every day

  • How to pitch to a very large variety of players (we work with retailers all over the European Union, with very various cultures, languages and backgrounds)

  • How to close a clean business deal from A to Z

  • How to be efficient and optimise your time

  • How to create the best processes to keep the organization super efficient and to help you reach your objectives

🔭 Projection: At Stockly, you make the collective grow and we want to make you grow as well, what would be the next moves for you with us?

  • Possibility to have a lot of weight over how we do things - we are still a super young company

  • More and more autonomy on your deals or negotiations overtime

  • More and more complex deals overtime

  • Building the right processes to help scale the team

  • Training newcomers

You will also be working directly with our CEO Eliott.

💝 About your future benefits

  • Competitive packages: for this position, package range is typically from 38K€ (fixed + uncapped On-target Earnings) depending on the profile (e.g. basic knowledge to expert). We have a well defined and objective salary grid that is based on both skills level and scarcity of profiles 💸

  • BSPCE 🚀

  • Health insurance provided by Alan 💊

  • Meal vouchers by Swile 🍽️

  • 50% reimbursement of your Navigo Pass 🚋

  • A central and amazing working environment in le Sentier (Paris) 💼

  • Flexible and remote-friendly policy 🏡

  • Stockly dinners together every other Thursday 🍻

  • Stockly breakfasts together every other Friday 🥐

  • Coffee, tea and fruits available everyday 🍇

  • Climbing & football team 🧗

⚙️ About how we work

  • Every team has a daily meeting to align on priorities and solve issues ⇒ You won’t be left alone!

  • Every Monday we have a global weekly meeting where every team shares what they are working on and what they will do for the coming week ⇒ You will have visibility on the whole company!

  • Every quarter we have our OKR meeting (Objectives, Key Results) where each team shows the results of the previous quarter and the objectives of the following one ⇒ You will see the company grow and your own role inside of it!

  • During all these meetings everyone can challenge each other and all questions are more than welcome ⇒ Transparency is one of our key values, and we are always open to new ideas!

Preferred experience

We are looking for a great balance between hard skills and soft skills!

🧑‍💻 Hard skills

  • Logic: you love logical problems and are strong in reasoning 📐

  • Data driven

  • Education: from a business background 🎓

  • Languages: Fluent in English 🇬🇧 and Polish 🇵🇱

🤝 Soft skills

  • Smart, curious and a fast learner: you don’t know everything, but you can learn anything

  • Tenacious: you never give up even when it is complex

  • Ambitious: you are ready to reshape the global e-commerce landscape with us

  • Nice, humble and friendly: you love learning from others and humbly sharing knowledge with them

  • Autonomous and hard working: you know how to manage your tasks independently and ask for help when needed

  • Good at first contact and patient

👊 So if you see yourself in the shoes of a Stockler - don’t hesitate! 👊

Recruitment process

🏎️ Our process goes fast, we are reactive and we adapt to your availabilities, we can typically go through the whole process in 2-3 weeks:

  1. 30min entry-test to be sent by email - You will have some time to do it at home

  2. 30min video-call with a member of our Talent Acquisition team - To understand your background and motivations, and reply to your questions

  3. 1-hour face to face (or remote) interview with our Head of Network Pierre or Eliott our CEO- To have a deeper discussion

  4. Half-a-day immersion at Stockly to meet all the team (on site or in remote) - Meet the team, put yourself in the shoes of a Stockler, ask all your questions

  5. Reference checks - Quick reference calls with contacts you would provide us

  6. 🎉 Final offer 🎉

🏡 Part of the process can be done remotely if you have constraints

We always respond to emails and give feedback throughout the process, whether it works out or not!

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