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🔭 Stockly is a tech-retail company solving the supply/demand mismatch in e-commerce.

  • With our technology, we connect in real-time e-commerce websites in need for stock with the inventory of hundreds of other retailers who have the same products available, and who can fulfill the order on their behalf.

  • E-retailers can sell products they don’t own, while others can gain additional sales, in a seamless experience for the end-consumer.

🏆 Our mission is to create the world’s 1st globally shared inventory for retail. To better understand what we do, check out **our french pitch at BFMTV ** (🇫🇷), or our English pitch at Techstars (🇬🇧).

🚀 We’ve already raised $20M+ with European top-tier investors among which Daphni, Eurazeo and Raise. Our proprietary technology, coded in-house from scratch, is already live across Europe with 450+ e-retailers, we grow x4 each year and won’t stop there.

What they are looking for

The profiles wanted at Stockly have some skills in common. They are:

  • Smart & curious: you don’t know everything, but you can learn anything.
  • Tenacious: you never give up.
  • Ambitious: you are ready to reshape the global e-commerce landscape with us.
  • Nice, humble and friendly: you love learning from others and humbly sharing knowledge with them.
  • Autonomous and hard-working: you know how to manage your tasks independently and ask for help when needed.
  • English speakers.

Good to know

Located in the 2nd arrondissement, our offices are next to rue Montorgueil. Restaurants, bars, it is THE pedestrian street in the center of the French capital 🇫🇷. And if you don't want to mingle with the crowds, we have our own private courtyard where you can have lunch, a coffee or a beer! 🍽️

If you like climbing 🧗, you can join those that go to Arkose. And if not, the Stockly football ⚽ team is always open to new recruits!

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