Remote policy

Ideally, we are looking for people who can come to the office, i.e. who live in the Paris area. However...

  • we don't force anyone to come every day. If some people think they would be better off working at home, we fully understand that. We have a flexible remote policy, which everyone manages directly with their team leader. 
  • In some cases, we accept experienced people in full-remote, provided that they can come regularly to Paris (~1 time per month) and that the onboarding is 100% face-to-face during the first months.

Includes 💻

  • Coverage of part of transportation fees 🚌
  • Purchase of IT equipment 💻
  • All meetings are held in person and by video 🤝
  • No paper documents, all documents or software necessary to work at Stockly are on the internet 👾

I am free to work whenever and wherever I want. I love coming into the office and seeing the people I work with. I do remote work when I go away for the weekend, or when I want to be in my bubble to work on projects.


Paris' Office

Located in the 2nd district, our offices are next to the rue Montorgueil in Paris 🇫🇷. Restaurants, bars, it is THE pedestrian street of the capital. And if you don't want to mingle with the crowd, we have an inner courtyard where you can have lunch, a coffee ☕ or a beer 🍻 ! 

Each desk has a hanging screen, ready for use. Phone boxes and meeting rooms are available to all.

There is a large communal area on the ground floor where you can have lunch as a team, have a drink, etc. 

We even have a room where you can take a nap on the first floor 😴