Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, FinTech / InsurTech, Insurance


Technologies and tools


    • Node.js
    • GraphQL


    • TypeScript
    • React JS
      React JS


    • GitHub
    • AWS Lambda
      AWS Lambda
    • AWS CloudFormation
      AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS CDK
      AWS CDK
    • Amazon DynamoDB
      Amazon DynamoDB

Organization and methodologies

At Seyna, tech is co-constructed by the Product and Engineering teams.

All team members have the opportunity to work on the topics of their choice. Our engineers usually work in parallel on a core subject (infrastructure) and a feature subject (functionality).

But we encourage Seynators to cultivate their strengths! At Seyna, the level of seniority is directly linked to the ability to support and develop other members of the team. The more you do to boost the team, the more responsibility Seyna will give you.

In terms of methodology, let’s take a real-life example! We needed to develop a feature that allowed brokers to create online insurance sales journeys on the fly.

The management of the project was assigned to Joanne (Product Manager), in partnership with Thomas (Engineering Manager) and a squad of 3 engineers.

  • In-depth research phase with our prospects
  • Integration of the project into the Tech Roadmap
  • Organisation of a Design Sprint (one week). Our objective: Challenge the specs and think about technical solutions
  • D+30: Launch of MVPs and start of marketing
  • Presentation at a Seyna Keynote – curious? Check it out here
  • Gathering of client feedback and launching iterations

Our core value: “Build it, track it, tweak it”.

We cultivate this iteration approach based on conducting week-long sprints. We remain in constant contact with teams on the ground to ensure extremely short feedback cycles.

Projects and tech challenges

One platform to serve them all…

Seyna is building a platform that addresses the entire insurance market.

Between the range of different players and the variety of products available on the market, the combination of products and features is immense.

We therefore systematically combine long-term projects (infrastructure construction) and shorter-term projects (new features). This makes it possible to dream big but celebrate the small victories along the way!

Open Source

In accordance with the team’s wishes, in 2022 Seyna will make its first projects available as OpenSource!

Recruitment process

We have designed our recruitment process to be very technical and very fast.

  • Step 1: Interview with Guillaume Font (CTO) + technical case study
  • Step 2: Meet the team (tech and non-tech)
  • Step 3: Interview with Stephen Leguillon (CEO)

Within a week, you’re all set.