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Past and future

Their story

Their story

After a year of experience in a consulting firm for luxury stores abroad during her year of study at Sciences Po Paris, Stéphanie understood that she wanted to solve an optimization problem within an archaic industry where processes were rarely, if ever, reviewed.

Not being an engineer, she quickly understood that to get started in a legitimate way, she had to know how to get her hands dirty and learn to code. A fullstack training and 3 years later, ModaResa is now the reference in digital appointment scheduling and smart data collection, reinforcing the sales teams of pioneering brands such as Jacquemus and Acne Studios.

Bootstrapped until now with a proven ARR of €140K, the startup is about to launch its first fundraising to expand the team and deliver their ambitious product roadmap.


Exclusive private beta launch with la maison Balmain Paris from Oslo, where the founder moves to focus on the creation ModaResa - few terraces at 4€ a pint, or no terraces at all, buddies going to bed at 9pm after 30km of cross-country skiing, and a cold weather making the most social animal a real homebody - a sacrifice certainly for this living beauty, but a strategic sacrifice. Wouldn't this be the beginning of the famous entrepreneurial marathon everyone is talking about?

Stephanie starts alone with two developers in Odessa, Ukraine, with whom she works and manages from a studio in Odessa to create bonds despite a freelance relationship and too many beet soups.


Official market launch with Marine Serre, ByFar and Jacquemus as new immediate clients, proving that the solution is equally dedicated to emerging and established brands.


COVID surprises the fashion industry, blocking every conceivable budget, as stores around the world close. Tough for the beginning of a startup, but the kind of experience that builds character and resilience.

The first real team members join the adventure, and ModaResa's corporate culture slowly starts to take shape, and people other than her finally laugh (or not) at Stephanie's jokes.

At the same time, ModaResa is launching a feature to optimize appointment scheduling across all virtual platforms so that scattered employees and customers can embrace a new way of working and still be able to discover the next neckline made of recycled Marine Serre towels.

The B2B fashion industry is facing a paradigm shift that ModaResa has already positioned itself for, and even the less Internet Explorer adepts have to deal with it.


The start-up delivers a product to market thanks to a proactive, motivated, international team, bonded through humor, rigor and leading global luxury clients who encourage them with their arms.

Rumor has it that in parallel, a certain V2 with laser scheduling-upon-constraints-algorithms is being built. New talents are arriving, tapping on ModaResa’s door.

Knock knock? Who's there? :)

Their vision

International and leading brands from France, UK, USA, Italy and Spain are now benefiting from ModaResa and are part of the movement towards a better way of organizing their B2B showroom sales campaigns.

We are on our way to becoming the leading tool for intelligent and sustainable purchase planning in the fashion industry, and then why not in other verticals.

Becoming the leading ecosystem for smart planning in the wholesale apparel industry will only happen through a strong and creative team sharing the same values and motivations.

We are raising 1 million euros this fall 2022 from strategic business angels with which we can continue to hire new talents and continue to deliver a product and service worthy of the current (almost) 100% customer satisfaction rate!

Their vision

Commitments and CSR

In an increasingly eco-conscious fashion industry, where sales campaigns have become more intense and sporadic, we want to enable brands and buyers to make the most informed choices thanks to centralized and real-time information.

Now that we've established best practices within brands, we're accelerating on our core mission: to reduce the carbon footprint of brands and shoppers around the world in relation to their B2B shopping journey. ModaResa wants to enable shoppers to see where in the world brands are presenting, over what time period and through what format, and thus optimize the route through brands with our optimization algorithms.


Today, the average buyer of a small multi-brand or department store such as Galeries Lafayette travels 9 months out of 12 to discover the prototypes of the brands he buys, during the showrooms of the global fashion weeks.

Due to lack of information, buyers often find themselves making round trips with inefficient and manual planning. Here ModaResa will intervene in order to reduce the waste linked to the buying trip.