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In an increasingly conscious fashion industry, where showroom sales campaigns, also known as fashion weeks, have become more intense and scattered time and location wise, ModaResa wants to enable brands and buyers to efficiently plan their selling and buying campaigns in the most sustainable and optimal way, thanks to clever scheduling.

Thanks to ModaResa’s algorithms, a brand like Jacquemus saves an average of 110 working days per year across their wholesale team, while reducing team stress significantly and delivering instant and autonomous planning experience for their global buyers.

Now that we've established best practices within brands, we're accelerating on our core mission: reducing the carbon footprint of global buyers in relation to their B2B buying journey. ModaResa will allow buyers to see where in the world brands are presenting, over what time period and through what format, and thus optimize the route through them with our optimization algorithms.

What they are looking for

ModaResa is an energetic and fun team which keeps high-standards, professionalism, and genuine team spirit at the center of its company culture, in order to drive all its clients and collaborators to evolve and grow.

ModaResa is therefore looking for collaborators who put curiosity and kind honesty at the heart of their professional and personal behavior, through their communication and daily actions. Collaborators who are not afraid to question themselves in order to grow and make the rest of the team grow.

Good to know

At Modaresa you will:

  • Work in LVMH’s accelerator at Station F, the biggest startup campus of the world - incubator of innovation, creativity and great connections.
  • Have a true impact and be part of the sustainable evolution of the fashion industry, both from a human and environmental perspective
  • Have a family-friendly work-life balance, with work from home options
  • Brilliant, friendly international colleagues, speaking French, English, Italian and even Norwegian!
  • Find an energetic and motivating CEO, able to engage you in the mission of ModaResa and transmit you her passion

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