Advertising, Design, Strategy

Levallois-Perret, Geneva

Landor Paris’ General Manager, Oriane joined Landor in 2004 as a sales representative, then director of sales teams, after a dozen years in advertising, notably with BETC and Y&R. In this role, she established long-lasting, successful client relationships and led major brand creation, engagement and brand architecture projects for clients including Accor, Airbus, Citroën, Geodis, Mondelez, Total and Volvic...

Her laughter and instantly recognizable hair are an integral part of the office's DNA. As a film buff, you're sure to bump into her at weekends at the Cinema des cinéastes or the Pathé Wepler when she's not in Marseille, her hometown. Unforgiving when it comes to past participle agreement errors, you can make up for it with a GIF of a kitten.

Luc Speisser is Global Chief Innovation Officer at Landor. He began his career in AIDS communications at the San Francisco Aids Foundation and the French health education committee (now Santé Publique France) before working in advertising at Australie, Lowe & Partners and BETC, and then joined Landor in 2005. For 25 years now, he has been working to transform some of the world's biggest brands.

His appetite for solving complex problems, his endless curiosity about people and his conviction that everything can be changed for the better have been the common thread running through his career dedicated to innovation. Innovating in AIDS prevention, in communications and now at Landor in strategy, to reinvent working methods and lead teams, offices and a region by transforming them into champions of strategic, creative, and business excellence.

Today, as Global Chief Innovation Officer, Luc is deploying his ability to innovate throughout the Group, both internally and externally. He brings together the best Landor teams in the world to bring customers a fresh approach to innovation. He is also proud to have put sustainable development at the heart of the whole company, by creating The Landor Good Squad, the largest community in the sector, with over 350 volunteers devoting up to 10% of their working time to sustainable development innovation.

His favourite quote? Bill Gates: "Most people overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they could do in ten years". It was with this in mind that, 10 years ago, Luc started learning to play the guitar from scratch.

Martin worked at Landor from 2011 to 2015 before deciding to return in 2022. As Executive Creative Director, he brings with him more than 10 years of experience and a strong knowledge of destination-branding and sport-branding.

With a German accent and expressions that add an international flavour to his conversations, Martin brings charm and originality to his work. His team of 21 talented people benefit from his leadership and creative vision.

As Executive Creative Director, Martin is a driving force for creativity within the agency. His expertise and experience are invaluable assets to Landor's clients, who benefit from his strategic approach and his ability to bring innovative concepts to life.

Géraldine known as G is Regional People Director for the Paris, Geneva, Dubai, Milan, and Barcelona offices. She joined Landor in 2009 after 4 years in an IT services company specialising in banking and insurance.

Passionate about discovering new cultures, she has been learning Persian, her father's language, for a few years. She also lived in Madrid for eight months in 2003, which enabled her to develop a fluency in Spanish. So, you can speak to her in French, English, Spanish and Persian, in that order of preference.

Géraldine has been an avid sportswoman from an early age, with a passion for artistic gymnastics. She swapped acrobatics for downward dog and took up yoga around ten years ago. You can meet her every Wednesday at the agency's yoga class, and she's easy to spot she's the most agile of them all!

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in visual communications, his 5 years of study took him to Brussels via Lyon and Quebec. A graphic designer with a culture focused on branding, packaging and all the specialties linked to brand identity, Quentin gained a wealth of experience in branding agencies before founding his own Let me brand studio.

He joined Landor in May 2019 and has been improving his foosball performance ever since. A distinctive feature: he never wears anything but white t-shirts and Air Force 1s (proof in pictures). On a more serious note, Quentin is a regular contributor to the Fédération Internationale de Volley-Ball and Kellogg's accounts, without ever losing his joy and good humour.

Chen, born and raised in China, arrived in France in the summer of 2012 with a bachelor's degree in French Literature. In 2016, after obtaining a master's degree in management from ESCP, Chen began her career in marketing research, more specifically in the advertising and media industry.

In 2022, Chen joined Landor as Brand Performance Manager. She combines a love of numbers with a fascination for the impact of brand transformation on business.

Originally from Mexico, Mariana is a true globetrotter! Her studies took her to Washington DC, Vancouver and Florence before landing here in Paris.

With a master's degree in communication, media and creative industries from Sciences Po Paris, she began her career in advertising for consumer products and major corporate groups.

In 2019, she joins the Landor teams as Client Manager. Her role? Coordinate, plan and support the team in executing projects. More specifically, she supports the development of strategic and creative solutions to enhance the difference and relevance of brands by ensuring the excellence of the work delivered to her clients.

Although Mariana works from the Paris office, her globetrotting spirit persists as she collaborates daily with numerous Landor offices around the world: Hamburg, Cincinnati,

London, Geneva, etc. Her secret weapon? Nobody knows that she speaks perfect French.

After graduating in 2009, Stéphane began his career in client management before taking the plunge into creative design. Combining technical skills and creativity, he began creating interactive art installations using cutting-edge technologies.

It was by combining this expertise with his interest in brands that he joined Razorfish in 2014 as Creative Technologist. For 7 years, he designed interactive experiences in retail, events, and architecture for brands such as Nissan, Dior, Ruinart, La Poste and Orange.

Navigating between creative technology, spatial design and experience design, he joined Landor in November 2021 to put his expertise in the field of brand experience to good use. His work may sound complex, but Stéphane shows us every day that it's possible to delight all the senses with simplicity.

Jocelain joined Landor in 2018; at that time he still had short hair, yes he didn't always have that resplendent hair. He started out as a work-study student in his final year of study and was then hired as a Client Manager to coordinate large-scale projects with French clients. The following year he was promoted to Senior Client Manager and became Client Director in 2023.

As Client Director, Jocelain provides expertise and support to clients on global brand transformation projects. Passionate about digital, Jocelain recognises the growing importance of digital transformation and has specialised in this area to provide clients with expert advice and help them capitalise on the opportunities offered by the digital world.

If you're looking for a great place to eat or drink in Levallois or the surrounding area, don't hesitate to ask him - he's even better than Maps at finding little food & drink nuggets!

Dominique known as Dom began her career in London in innovation for a few years before putting her creativity at the service of branding.

She joined Fitch in 2015 to design and deploy multichannel and experiential strategies with the aim of transforming brands. Her creative and innovative ideas can now be found in famous shops such as Sephora, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz and El Corte Inglès. It was the marriage between Fitch and Landor that brought Dom back to her homeland. She joins the Paris office as Director of Experience Strategy to create and optimise our clients' customer experiences and make them unforgettable! A move to London, a move to Paris, but one thing's for sure, if you're looking for Dom you'll find her wandering the shops looking for the latest innovative experiences.

After graduating from ECV in 2006, Yovanna got her first taste of branding and quickly became convinced of the cross-disciplinary and enduring nature of brand expression.

After more than 14 years' experience, 3 different agencies and dozens of clients around the world, she joined the Landor team as Design Director. Her diverse expertise in branding brings a fresh perspective to projects at a time when brand expression is more omnichannel than ever.

But far from being just a team manager, Yovanna hasn't lost her taste for exploring and creating new content. For her, everyone has to pitch in, because the best possible 'craft' is most often found at the crossroads of talent and collaboration. Her best signature sound is her iconic, infectious laugh.

After graduate from CELSA, Jason quickly became interested in brand issues. He did a stint in Chicago, before joining Landor and Interbrand for the first time, before embarking on a career in entrepreneurship: experiences that led him to structure his expertise with brands such as EDF, Renault and Philips, as well as a group of start-ups with radically opposed methods.

It was the agency's international dimension and the diversity of its clients that brought Jason back to Landor in 2018 as part of the Strategy department, where he works with the London office on French and international corporate and consumer clients.

If you're looking for the human version of Google, Jason is your man: whether in the humanities, geopolitics, fashion or architecture, Jason's eclectic curiosity knows no bounds!

Fabien, a graduate of Ecole Etic, began his career in print with an animation film publisher. He then worked in global agencies where he specialised in digital and motion design. Passionate about the creative professions, he explores all the artistic fields that interest him.

He has always admired the music videos of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and other directors with a rich imagination. He is a self-taught 3D artist, a speciality that allows him to combine his passion for technique and creativity, while adding another dimension to his animations.

Creating movement on screen wasn't enough for him, so in 2018 he decided to move around the world himself on a trip lasting over a year. At the end of 2022, he joins Landor, convinced of the impact of motion design in bringing to life the stories told by brands.

After studying economic and consumer psychology at Leiden University in the Netherlands, Louise completed her studies with a Masters in Marketing & Creativity at ESCP. Following her training, and after a number of experiences in advertising agencies (Havas, Virtue), she joined Landor as an intern in 2021 in the Strategy team before joining the agency permanently.

A polyglot and true globetrotter, Louise has spent most of her life abroad. Between Singapore, Düsseldorf, New York, Amsterdam, and short jaunts to Prague and London, she's got travel fever, and there are very few weekends when you'll bump into her in Paris.

Originally from Toulouse, Amaia travelled to a number of destinations before arriving in Paris, and all without losing her accent. She arrived at Landor as part of her end-of-Master's internship and joined the Marketing, Communications and New Business team. Boosting the agency's profile in the press, presenting projects at creativity awards, acquiring new clients - Amaia has more than one mission within the agency. Her dynamism, her team spirit and her fine writing skills are the main reasons why she is at the heart of so many issues. But if there's one thing she loves above all, it's organising Landor's iconic parties!

Born in the United States and raised in Lebanon, Sara began her career in product development and brand strategy in the luxury goods industry. It was this combination of the two that led her to the agency world. She joined Landor as a trainee after completing a master's degree at ESCP, and quickly took on responsibilities, being promoted to the role of Senior Client Manager in less than 2 years. Her passion for strategy and trends, her creative eye and sunny personality could make even the most complex of subjects interesting and exciting. In fact, this year she was voted 'Above and Beyond' talent by the network. But don't be fooled: behind her serious side, her uncontrollable giggles never go unnoticed.


We are Landor.

World-leading brand specialists. Consulting. Design. Experience. Connecting business strategy to brand.

Bringing every facet of brand to life. Creating brand-led experiences for talent & customers. United in our drive to make a positive difference.

Proudly part of WPP. We build brands, designed to transform. Our Landor Group also includes leaders in sonic branding amp, workspace & architectural design experts BDG and award-winning motion specialists ManvsMachine.

What they are looking for

Landor is primarily looking for personalities with a passion for brands, ideas, experiences, and innovations. People who are always striving for excellence. Non typical backgrounds, offbeat skills, and overwhelming interest in unusual subjects. No matter the country, the studio, the profession, the background… they embody the four main qualities expected at Landor:

  • CREATIVITY: be curious and open their minds to offer creative solutions.

  • INNOVATION: constantly trying new things, challenging, and being challenged, learning from their mistakes.

  • INSPIRATION: to bring energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to everything they do and to be a source of inspiration for everyone (colleagues and clients).

  • SOCIAL GOOD: seek to have a positive impact in the daily life of people around them, whether at work or more broadly, in the world, by helping the brands.

Good to know

**ShipShape: ** At Landor, we offer a holistic program based on various tools and resources such as thematic newsletters and webinars (nutrition, sleep, etc.), Yoga classes, free and unlimited access to a meditation app.

Learn and Lunch - Learn because the goal is of course to learn something new. Lunch to combine the useful with the pleasant. We are welcoming external speakers, from Paris or another Landor office, to present whatever they want, from the best-case studies from other offices to the latest social media trends by @Social Lab.

J’adore- To end the week, we share our favorite movies, literature, design, wacky anecdotes, unusual trips or simply a subject that comes to our mind.

Good Squad - We see sustainability as an opportunity to innovate, and not as a constraint. The Good Squad is a global initiative that allows each employee of the group to devote up to 10% of their annual working time to carrying out actions around sustainability. To date, 300 volunteers, more than one in four employees, have already joined.

**Globetrotter **- Want to go live a different experience in another Landor office? Ask Lois who spent three months in Mexico or Allie who came to Paris from Cincinnati at the end of 2019. Apparently, they have enjoyed it. And because nothing can stop us, not even the Covid, The Globetrotter can be done virtually. Beginning of 2021, we have welcomed Rebecca and Dhruvil from London and Mumbaï.

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