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Artificial Intelligence & Big Data lead to paramount progresses in Healthcare, and Implicity has a leading position to shape the future of Cardiology.

Implicity created a SaaS cloud-based & AI-driven platform, that automates the cardiac remote monitoring of:

implanted devices, like pacemakers, defibrillators, etc. external devices, like weight scales for instance

Implicity remote monitoring platform was designed by Dr Arnaud Rosier, cardiologist, to provide hospitals with a complete solution to effectively monitor their patients.

Medical teams can now have a far better focus on prevention/treatment, bringing the best care at the best time, instead of struggling in admin/data burden.

No other company in the world is able to compete with their: . Exhaustive real-time data collection / aggregation across vendors

UX design

Powerful algorithms, that bring the greatest support to cardiologists for diagnostics

The predictive algorithm brings a preventive dimension to the monitoring of cardiac rhythm diseases, heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

And by avoiding hospitalization, Implicity meets the challenges of healthcare costs control.

To put in a nutshell, Implicity saves thousands of lives at a lesser cost… 💓🩺

What they are looking for

In May 2022, Implicity was operating in 100+ Medical Centers (Europe & North America), improving the care of 60 000+ patients.

Implicity raised 23M€ in Series A in January 2022. They aim to recruit about 50 new positions in the coming years (50% abroad - 50% France)

When joining Implicity, you’ll experience the boom of a Scale-Up. Every single employee is incentivized with company equity, which makes it a very promising entrepreneurial adventure.

Besides the innovative solution provided by the platform, Implicity also partner with clinicians and researchers to identify patterns for research. They leverage real-world data analytics to accelerate healthcare research and innovation.

Oh, and by the way, if you prepare an interview with them: They like things to be daringly KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid).

Good to know

We innovate. We share. We dare. We smile. We celebrate.

And eventually, we get to transform cardiology practices with AI-bases solutions, and definitely help to save thousands of lives.

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