Cyber Security, IT / Digital, SaaS / Cloud Services

Paris, Boston

Organization and methodologies

GitGuardian is organized in 4 tribes, each of these tribes is composed of several small squads. One platform tribe that includes SREs, Security Engineering, IT, Machine Learning and Data Engineering. The other tribes focus on product development, such as our core product, new verticals and secrets detection engines. They work on two weeks sprints framework, with continuous integration and deployment.

Projects and tech challenges

GitGuardian has some ambitious stakes for the next months: stay leaders in secret security, create new product verticals to build a solid code security platform and keep building a robust Enterprise grade platform.

Recruitment process

Usually, the recruitment process for the Engineering team is:

  • First call with a recruiter to discover your professional project and evaluate if there could be a mutual match.

  • Technical interviews with the team, to discuss system design, algorithmic and python coding.

  • Final interview with an Engineering Manager, to detail our company’s vision and ambitions for the next couple of years.