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Paris, London

Career development

At Early Metrics, we dedicate a strong amount of time on our team members’ evolution. We have built a management and an expertise path, and we have the maturity to individualize personal growth. Our motto is to encourage initiative, growth and well-being.

Testimonial from Jean-Baptiste, Account Executive

“I was hired at Early Metrics in September 2019 as a VC Analyst Intern. I have learnt a lot during the first months in the company: startups ecosystem, different business models and value propositions, main trends on several markets. This internship ended in February 2020, when Early Metrics hired me as a full-time Analyst. During my time as an Analyst (1 year and a half), I had the chance to meet over 100 Entrepreneurs through rating missions, and to manage deeper and deeper analysis, corresponding to our different rating levels. My experience as an Analyst was very interesting, especially the client presentation part ; I was in direct contact with innovation Corporates and Investors, hence the move I’ve done internally in April 2021: joining the Sales team. I now manage, as an Account Executive, a full portfolio of clients in several industries (aeronautics, banking, luxury, media, transport…). I am very happy about this internal move, it allows me to take advantage of all the knowledge I acquired in terms of products, to work now as a Salesman, a job that I was not taking into consideration 2 years ago, and that I have learnt to perform well (I hope!) thanks to Early Metrics.”


  • Intense initial training
  • Individualized training program
  • Co-coaching between peers
  • Workshops for Coachs and Managers
  • Feedback 360

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