Early Metrics

Early Metrics

Past and future

Their story

Their story

Founded by Antoine Baschiera and Sébastien Paillet in 2014, we are an independent organisation whose ambition is to bring transparency to the ever-growing start-up ecosystem. We also use our expertise and data to identify qualitative parameters that have a significant impact on the success of a fundraising campaign.

  • Ratings: We assess the value and growth potential of startups
  • Research: We detect qualified startups and tech trends relevant to your strategy

Their vision

By 2025, we want to become the most trusted European rating agency.

Their vision

Company values

At Early Metrics, we want our values to guide us in the way we work together rather than in the way people see us.

Collective ambition

We always aim for strong alignment between personal desires and team ambition – Very ambitious but as one team!


We motive each other with challenges and responsibilities to succeed – Space to contribute but held to account!


We speak and act with empathy whatever the situation – Strong word but true!

Commitments and CSR

ESG standards are becoming increasingly important in all areas of business. That is why Early Metrics has created an internal ESG committee which aims to promote robust ESG standards and initiatives within the company. Those initiatives cover the three aspects of ESG: environment, social and governance. Moreover, the ESG committee strives to establish and protect the overarching mission, fundamental values and ethical principles which govern Early Metrics’ activities. The committee is composed of employees of different levels of seniority and from different departments, based both in Paris and London, who have volunteered.