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Descartes & Mauss

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Digital Marketing / Data Marketing, Strategy
  • Paris
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Descartes & Mauss is a straTech - a new breed of AI-driven strategic foresight merging analytics, creativity and human understanding to envision new possibilities for growth. 

It offers 2 consulting types of projects 

  • Foresight system: defining where-to-play and how-to-win for organizations to gain first mover advantage and stay ahead of the competition
  • Products/needs mapping:  building digital driven segmentation of the marketplace to identify white spaces for product/services development and communication

What they are looking for

We are at our best with people that have the mindset of a pioneer blended with a coach:

  • A go getter who gets things done 
  • A creative problem solver
  • A team player who always has the team's back
  • A person who empathizes and understands human motivations

Good to know

Everything D&M does is powered by itsAI driven engine: 

  • It is the world's first foresight solution that measures the unmeasurable using advanced metrics 
  • It is a true foresight solution that looks wider and further through the multiple data sources and the 3 filters of consumer, society and industry
  • It turns strategy into action through granular and tangible outcomes across geographies, markets, segments and sectors

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