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Organization and methodologies

At Contentsquare we are using the agile methodology (sprint, scrum master…)

At Contentsquare we are using the agile methodology (sprint, scrum master…)

Thanks to this methodology, we are organized within 13 squads. The squads are composed of 1 Project Manager, 1 Technical Project Manager, 1 Technical Expert, 1 Team Leader and approximately 4 or 5 developers. Depending on the squad, it could be more oriented back end or front end.

Projects and tech challenges

Micro front end

Micro front end

At Contentsquare, with half a million lines of code in our AngularJS/Angular hybrid application, over 40 frontend developers and big technical and product challenges to overcome, the migration to a micro-frontend architecture was a necessity.   We consequently conducted several workshops before defining our target and ideal vision. Our main concerns were performance, scalability and interactions between modules.

As we wanted to control the migration of one module after another and the performance at the same time, two pitfalls had to be addressed: The impact on the build process locally and in the continuous integration tool. Dependency and version management.

Migration from one module to another should be simple. Once you have the mechanism for the first one, you can replicate it for the others; and every improvement made to one will benefit all. So using a new single repository for all our micro-frontends was our first choice. It helped to control the two pitfalls.

Secondly, the integration of a micro-frontend into the legacy shell container had to be as simple as possible. Our second key choice was to rely on Web Components. It allows you to create custom elements in the DOM, to isolate the CSS in the shadow DOM and, by development, load it lazily.

Contentsquare is not the first company to rely on the Web Components strategy to implement micro-frontends. While the migration plan seems simple, implementing it is a long race, a bit like a marathon, because you want to keep releasing features while migrating. So perfect alignment between the product team and our R&D is an ongoing effort.

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Recruitment process

  • Stage 1: Recruiter Phone Interview

  • Stage 2: Hiring Manager/Stakeholder Interview

  • Stage 3: Team/Stakeholder Interview

  • Stage 4: Assignment & Presentation

  • Stage 5: Interview with Departmental Leader

Please Note: Some steps are subject to change based on the position. Certain positions are not required to complete an assignment or case study

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Contentsquare is a digital experience analytics company dedicated to better customer understanding and making the digital world more human. We power more human experiences through understanding, action, and trust. Since our founding in France in 2012, we have grown to be a truly global team, representing more than 72 nationalities in offices around the world, including New York, Texas, Colorado, London, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Singapore, and more.

In 2022, we raised $600M in Series F funding. In 2023, we were recognized as a certified Great Place to Work in 5 countries. In 2024, Heap and Hotjar joined the Contentsquare Group, strengthening our analytics platform to provide a 360 view of users' digital experience and to provide end-to-end service to the global market — from entrepreneurs and SMBs/growth companies to Enterprises.

Do you want to learn, innovate and contribute your unique perspective to an industry leader? Join the team dedicated to bringing more human analytics to the world!

Human mission. Global ambition. #WeAreCSquad

What they are looking for

Contentsquare is made up of those who strive for excellence, embrace learning, enjoy the ride, remain authentic to themselves, and are spirited collaborators who are passionate about making a lasting impact on a rapidly growing company.

No matter the backgrounds, interests, or appearance, the unique perspectives of each Contentsquare member inspires a culture where decisions are made based on ideas, not org charts. Their global vision is driven by a human-first approach to everything they do.

They hire talented people and give them trust, support, and flexibility to get the job done.

They welcome everyone to apply for their positions. Fluency in English is required.

Good to know

Contentsquare has a track record of success over the past 10 years. Yet, they operate with the agility of a startup, providing a huge opportunity to make an immediate and lasting impact. Their clients, partners and investors love their industry-leading analytics platform.

They invest in their people through career development, mentorship programs, social events, philanthropic activities, and competitive benefits. Generous paid time off plans, as well as schedule flexibility with in-office and remote hybrid work options, make sure employees are at their best, inside and outside of work.

They nurture an honest, inclusive culture with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): ElevateHER, Pride, Multiculture Abilities. These give employees a safe space to build community, share common interests, and tackle challenges.

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