Sarah participated in the launch of in France in 2012. Specialist in citizen mobilizations and digital strategies, she advised citizens who created big mobilization campaigns such as the one against the French Labor Law or the one in favour of the presidential pardon of Jacqueline Sauvage.

Prior to joining, Sarah worked for various NGOs such as the Foundation Nicolas Hulot, WWF or SOS Children's Villages. A fervent feminist, she is passionate about participative democracy and meets regularly with political leaders to ensure that citizens voices are taken into account. 

Djamel has always been passionate about IT and “Big Data”. His area of expertise is scalable software architecture construction and very early, he developed a keen interest in technology models implemented by major digital organizations.

Djamel recently joined to build and launch the Paris Engineering office. He likes to stay abreast of technology news, innovations while managing and mentoring his team members to help them grow. 

Aminata is an expert in campaigning strategies, she’s been helping petition starters who launched campaigns on for 4 years to ensure that their campaigns are as effective as possible and inspire other citizens to act. Before working at as a Senior Campaigner, she  was in charge of digital projects in the Tech sector and she worked for several NGO’s in India. 

Astrid has a solid expertise in technologies and IT, she’s worked for a Parisian startup for 1 year before joining Engineering team in Paris.

She is a Front End Software Engineer and one of her missions is to improve the platform to ease users site journey and experience. She is passionate about Tech, travels and animals. 

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Launched in France in 2012, is the biggest platform for social change with more than 12 million users across the country. 

Every day, thousands of people everywhere are launching, signing and supporting petitions on on topics they all have at heart to change. The platform enables every person to act, mobilize support communities and start campaigns to fight injustice locally, nationally or worldwide.

Since 2012,’s team in France have helped thousands of petition starters to create change throughout the country and to make citizens voices heard by decision makers, political representatives and companies.’s team in France integrates several expert jobs and functions. Every team member is engaged in the company’s mission to empower everyone to create the change they want to see in the world. 

Aside from being a social enterprise, is also a certified B Corporation (“B Corp”).This specifically means that the company is held to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. 

What they are looking for

At France, they are primarily looking for people who want to help others fight  injustices, change business practices or get politicians to listen to people’s requests for change  and solutions.  

They are looking for talents who want to contribute to make things change for the better, who want to put their skills and competencies at the service of citizens and to come up with impact strategies to make their voices heard more in France. 

People who really want to have a positive impact, are open-minded, creative, like sharing and have a great sense of humor are the ones who thrive in the team. 

Good to know

Working at can literally shift the way you feel when you wake up on Monday mornings.

Every Monday morning, you will wake up thinking about everything you can do to help unheard  people be more considered and taken into account to create positive change. 

And you will do so with people who are expert in their jobs in addition to being fully engaged and  passionate about social impact. This can really change your relationship with work and the way you  envision what a team could look like. 

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