Cyber Security, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software

Paris, Londres


Who hasn’t used Notion, Airtable or Zoom at least once? SaaS applications are everywhere to make our working life easier. Easily accessible, SaaS offers employees new ways of working.

Beamy is a French company (ex-member of Future 40 of Stating F), with a team of 50 passionate individuals. We help more than 40 major players such as LVMH, Decathlon, BNP Paribas, Fnac Darty, and Engie. Our goal is to make SaaS governance a top priority for large enterprises in Europe and around the world.

What they are looking for

In a growing phase, the Beamy team is seeking individuals who are able to invest themselves and ready to take on exciting challenges. Beyond skills, we are looking for profiles of entrepreneurs with a creative spirit who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone.

Beamy ensures that new members share the same values, ambition, and passion for the project. Each member has significant expertise, and Beamy relies on their experience to share ideas, challenge existing ones and improve upon them.

Good to know

Joining Beamy means reflecting those values:

Full trust, full honesty: Trust is given “by default” at Beamy. We make it work in the long term by providing regular feedback and by empowering people.

Rising with no ego: We are transparent with each other. We truly believe that when we step back and admit our mistakes, we can do better afterwards.

Ambitious Ownership: Each Beamer is autonomous, proactive and fully responsible for her/his subjects and results. We forbid ourselves to micro-manage. 

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