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May 22, 2019


Brand Content Manager @Tediber

Oh My Job is a web series that helps you learn about specific roles from the people who carry them out every day. In this episode, Melissa, a Brand Content Manager, shares her professional insights and talks about daily life working at Tediber.

A Brand Content Manager is in charge of a brand’s media content by overseeing publications on communications channels such as websites, blogs, social networks, and newsletters.


A Brand Content Manager’s job is closely connected to communications, public relations, and marketing. He or she must identify the brand’s pillars of communication and then guide the creation and publication of content. Comfortable with internet culture and social networks, a Brand Content Manager is able to analyze trends and take inspiration from them to create an editorial schedule. The role also requires creativity to take the lead on content creation. A Brand Content Manager manages the production of articles, videos, newsletters, and photo shoots, all the while ensuring that this content is high quality and reflects the brand image effectively, in both form and substance. Following the publication of content on various media, a Brand Content Manager assesses the subsequent commitment and impact with a view to building a link to the community and reinforcing it. A Brand Content Manager’s goal is to attract and retain the brand’s audience and clients by telling the brand story and developing its media presence via content.

“My job involves overseeing the brand’s content and telling its story via every available channel.”

Career path:

There are no specific courses or programs geared toward becoming a Brand Content Manager. That said, basic education in management, marketing/web marketing, communications, or journalism can be seen as a major bonus by recruiters.

A Brand Content Manager will often have a background of working in the media sector or as a part of corporate communications or marketing teams. Some initial professional experiences as a community manager, brand ambassador, marketing specialist, or social media strategist will give you knowledge in marketing strategies and social networks.


A Brand Content Manager must be rigorous and flexible because he or she is required to work with a variety of media and formats. A perfect mastery of language is necessary to produce quality content and safeguard the brand’s image. An affinity for journalism will help in setting up successful media monitoring, which is necessarily an inspiration for all content creation. Creativity is required to transform story ideas into content that is relevant to the brand and its image. Basic knowledge of SEO will also help improve the SEO of content on search engines.

“A major part of the job involves reporting and ultimately looking at whether we’ve achieved the results we were expecting for certain content. It requires a good deal of rigor.”

Collaborative relationships:

Depending on the company, a Brand Content Manager will be expected to work with the marketing department in line with the direction set by management, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, or even Creative Directors.

“I work with the Senior management team a lot because they inspire us and show us the direction that they want the brand to take.”


The average monthly gross salary for a junior profile in the USA is $4,000, and it goes up to $6,000 for a more senior profile.

Career progression:

There is more than one path to take for this role. That said, a Brand Content Manager can quickly climb to positions such as Web Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Creative Director, or even CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

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