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May 16, 2019

Audrey Lallut

Responsable Webmarketing

Oh My Job is a web series that helps you learn about specific roles from the people who carry them out every day. In this episode, a web marketing manager named Audrey shares her professional insights and daily working life at Bird Office.

A web marketing manager oversees the strategy for a website, which can be either a showcase or e-commerce website, or a mobile application.


While his or her primary objective is to stimulate online sales, a web marketing manager has three main tasks:

  • On-site work: understanding content creation and its optimization
  • Implementing the web marketing strategy and activities: defining campaigns such as email or seasonal marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring site traffic and activities related to client acquisition and retention: AdWord and SEO campaigns, influencer partnerships and so on.

In the context of small businesses and startups, they may be required to take on ad hoc community management tasks.

A web marketing manager aims to develop and implement a strategy that will increase the website’s visibility and generate qualified traffic. To achieve this, he or she must continually ensure the site’s optimization by producing articles, brand or product content, and by identifying web marketing levers that are consistent with the company’s desired ROI. Analyzing measurable data and reports is another key aspect of the profession so that the impact of campaigns can be continually analyzed and then improved as necessary.

“My aim is to raise the site’s profile, attract visitors and stimulate online sales. To achieve this, I plan and manage the budget and lead the marketing team.”

Career path

A Master’s from a business school or communications program, with a specialization in marketing, is still the best way to get this position. Experience as a web marketing assistant or traffic manager is usually a prerequisite.


As the web marketing manager is in charge of a team, he or she must demonstrate a strong managerial mindset and solid leadership abilities. He or she is the one who provides the overall vision and the course of action. As such, a web marketing manager must also be a quick thinker who knows how to reassess things whenever there is a decrease in sales or traffic. Confident with numbers, a web marketing manager must master reporting and traffic management tools such as Google Analytics, and SEO tools such as SmartKeyword.

“There is a team management part and an operational part in the management of web marketing campaigns.”

Collaborative relationships

A web marketing manager provides the link between the marketing team, sales team, and product team: the sales team helps them understand the customer better and boost sales, and the product team makes it possible to enhance and set up the campaigns online. As coordinator of the company’s marketing projects, he or she may be required to manage a team of less experienced, more junior employees.

“What I like best about this job is the management part, including setting the objectives and ensuring the whole team gets there.”


In the United States, someone with a junior profile can expect $4,500 gross per month, while someone more senior can expect $6,500.

Career progression

A web marketing manager can quickly advance to higher positions such as e-commerce director, web marketing director or chief marketing officer within a company. He or she can also choose to continue working in an agency setting as a marketing consultant.

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