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Developer Evangelist

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Zama’s mission is to bring end-to-end encryption to AI. Using their homomorphic development framework, companies can process their customer’s data without seeing it, thereby preventing data breaches and surveillance.

Zama’s solution is based on a breakthrough in homomorphic encryption, which enables doing data science and machine learning on encrypted data. Zama is open-source by design, as they believe privacy-enabling technologies should benefit the widest possible community of developers and researchers.

Zama’s cofounders are Dr Pascal Paillier, one of the most renowned cryptography researcher, and Dr Rand Hindi, a serial entrepreneur who formerly founded Snips.

Job description

Zama is an open-source by design company, meaning everything we do has an open-source version. As such, an essential part of our success is engaging and driving our developer community. This means thinking about their needs, building great documentation, tutorials and support.

As a Developer Evangelist, you will be responsible for:

  • engaging with our developer community and providing support as needed
  • helping the product teams improve the developer experience
  • writting tutorial, blog posts, doing demos at meetups etc..
  • being Zama’s ambassador in the open source community

Preferred experience

  • good engineering & math skills
  • experience participating in open source projects
  • experience writing engaging content & speaking at events
  • passionate about privacy and open source
  • be willing to travel regularly (once the condition allows it)

Recruitment process

Our process is described in detail here:

Meet the Zama team

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