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Who are they?

Avec VEEPEE, le groupe vente-privee ouvre un nouveau chapitre de son histoire européenne avec la convergence des différentes sociétés qui le composent et leurs 6 000 collaborateurs vers une seule et même marque.

Regroupant Privalia, Vente-exclusive, Designer & Friends, Zlotewyprzedaze, Eboutic et vente-privee, Veepee est aujourd’hui présent dans 14 pays et devient un acteur majeur du commerce digital européen, avec 72 millions de membres et un volume d’affaires de 3,7 milliards d’euros en 2018.

Leurs 6 000 collaborateurs ont choisi Veepee pour réveiller leur quotidien ! Tous ensemble, ils mettent les nouvelles technologies au service de nos stratégies, afin de proposer la meilleure expérience possible à nos clients.

Vous avez soif d’apprendre ? Veepee vous permet de construire votre parcours parmi une pluralité de métiers et de vous renouveler constamment. Tech, logistique, marketing, commercial, production des ventes… prenez part à une aventure humaine au cœur d’enjeux digitaux.

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Job description

The vente-privee group has consolidated its various European brands, together made up of 6000 employees, under one unified conglomerate: Veepee. This coalescence marks a new chapter in its European history. 

With Privalia, vente-exclusive, Designer & Friends, Eboutic and vente-privee, Veepee achieved a 3.7 billion Euro turnover as of 2018. Present in 14 countries now, Veepee is taking a leading role in the European digital commerce landscape. 

Our 6000 employees have chosen a job at Veepee to spice up their daily lives! Our teams implement new technologies to fuel our strategies, offering our customers the best possible experience. 

Are you eager to learn? Veepee offers you a variety of trades to develop your career, enabling you to renew your skills constantly. Tech, logistics, sales, marketing, sales production: join us on an exciting, digital-centered journey. 

We are on a hunt of the new Product owner lead that will be in charge of one of our tribes. The tribes aims is to support the business departments by providing toolings, expertise and support to handle compliance, efficiency and accuracy of the business flows.

As a lead PO, your role will be to take the co-management of the tribe, by managing the PO, PPO and SIS.

Your main mission will be to:

  • Represent your tribe and the program streams in front of the businesses
  • Define with business counterparts and Domain leader what are the main objectives of the tribe and program streams
  • Insure the tribe and program streams organization are well defined to reach the objectives
  • Make sure complete tribe is working on “the right things” against business priorities
  • Ensure there are not too much priority in the tribes backlog & solve conflicting priority
  • Align teams inside the tribe in terms of methodology, priority, end-to-end delivery
  • Align with other tribes in dependance for broader topics that are cross-tribes
  • Insure all products deliver what they commit on
  • build and maintain the tribe's budget
  • Make sure the tribe is respecting the guidelines of the product organization defined at the global level.
  • Give visibility on the objectives, roadmap and deliveries of the tribe & program streams, through specifics KPIs that allow to understand where we are
  • Your main skills:

  • Strong experience in product & team management
  • Deep understanding of a product organization and feature teams philosophy
  • Strong team management skills
  • Solid and natural communication abilities
  • Analytical andgood teaching skills
  • Belonging to Veepee, <vpTech/> is one of the biggest tech communities in Europe with more than 800 IT collaborators.

    From Warsaw to Barcelona, through Lyon, Nantes, Tel Aviv, Brussels, Nice, Amsterdam, and Paris, all our projects are developed in a functional environment with a wide skills variety where you’ll be sure to find your place, no matter the technology you want to work with.

    If you love to try things why don’t you jump on this new adventure?

    Need more info > https://careers.veepee.com/vptech/

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